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Our Story

We have been around for over a decade and were among the early pioneers of SaaS or Software-as-a-Service (only, it was then called ASP).

We started by creating a very successful CRM product called Smiles CRM. Our customers loved the product - it made them treat their customers as human beings, not just ‘target segments’. In the process, we also learned the power of self-service, giving people the power to act, anytime and anywhere. We also discovered the huge advantage of having a single system cover the complete life-cycle of the customer.

But we soon realised that without happy employees you don’t get happy customers. So we went ahead and applied what we had learnt doing CRM to HR. After all, employees are ‘internal customers’.

We created EmployWise to be the one system for everything in an employee’s life in the organisation. One that empowers employees and let’s them act anytime anywhere. We built EmployWise to free HR from data management so it can give all its time and attention to building talent and people relationships. We designed EmployWise to give joy to users, help them with their work rather than become their work and to give them insights that would help them make smarter decisions.


A Journey that Continues

We started on a journey to build EmployWise in 2004. A journey to bring the simplicity of  joy and spontaneity of positive human relations to the workplace. The small team that set out on this journey has now grown considerably. We are now joined by many more people who have embraced EmployWise and are dedicated towards shaping it's future.

Nothing would give us more pleasure than to have you too on-board for this journey.




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