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Employee Data

 Employee Information Portal

 The Employee Self-Service Portal provides access to a comprehensive centralized repository of vital employee related information available to HR, employees and managers. The Employee Self Service Portal is the base on which all other functional modules can be added in a "plug-and-play" model to create a comprehensive employee self-service based HR system.

Give your employees access to the company directory


Now you do not need another company directory. Employwise offers a directory feature where high level contact information of all employees is visible to all. Simply click the 'Directory' button and search anyone in the company.



Empower your managers with access to their teams' information

Now your managers can see the entire team's information in one screen. They can drill down into individual employee profiles to ensure compliance to various HR policies

Upload your employee data in a just few clicks

Employee Portal is easy to configure. Simply upload basic employee information using spreadsheets and then let your employees update the remaining data. This way your employees will take the ownership of ensuring accurate data entry and your tasks will be minimized. Alternatively, you can upload your employee information through a spreadsheet in a matter of minutes.

Offer your employees access to their information, anytime & anywhere!

The Self-Service capability gives ownership of profile maintenance to employees. It ensures that the employee profiles are always accurate and up-to-date. Now you are free from all the tedious time consuming data entry.

Give your leaders the versatile tool to find the right resources

Employwise offers a unique tool that allows leaders to find the right resources within the company in a matter of minutes. Now, you do not have to chase people across the organization to find talent for your next project. Save time and energy with Employwise "Talent Finder".

Offer your leaders an interactive drill-down dashboards!

Your leaders can now review employee data in an interactive drill-down dashboards.




 Recruitment Management System

Recruitment management for businesses is a challenge in bad times, as well as good times. It is one of the highest costs of a growing business. You need a solution that helps you leverage technology so you can cut costs and save time. Get the right talent, for the right job, in the shortest time by centralizing your employee hiring within EmployWise. With Employwise, you now have one place where you can post new jobs, accept resumes, track applicants, store interview details and make job offers.

Your employees can now apply for new jobs within the company

Hiring from within the company can be an excellent strategy for resource optimization and employee growth. Your employees can setup their profiles so that they receive email alerts from Employwise when a relevant positions opens up. When eligible, they can apply for new jobs through Employwise and submit their resumes.


Empower your managers with the ability to create and track a new job opening

Your managers can now update Employwise with resource needs, including the details of a new position as soon as the need arises. Now they can track new job openings in their departments and follow up with short-listed candidates directly through Employwise.


Cut costs and save time by integrating hiring on your website

You can integrate Employwise directly to your website. Managers and candidates will be able to manage the recruiting process based on rules created by HR. Now, depending on your policies, different managers can submit approvals at different stages in the recruitment process. All this automation will leave you with more time to manage more valuable in person interactions with the candidate pool.


Connect with recruitment partners and agencies through automatic emails

Now, you can send automatic emails about vacancies to recruitment agencies and partners. Employwise can also notify existing employees via email, and update your Careers web page. With Employwise, you get to cut your recruitment time, reduce cost of hiring, and build your employer brand equity. Once the candidate is ready to apply, all he or she needs to do is send you the information through your website that is integrated with Employwise.



Provide your leaders with a ready database of talent in and outside the company

Recruiting is by far the highest cost of a growing business. With Employwise, you save a ton on this cost. Plus, now your leaders can access talent database (including alumni info) where they can search, filter, modify and review the talent pool, interview analysis and candidate profiles in a short span of time. Plus Employwise dashboards will give your leaders the latest information on resource requirements at all times


Grow your company without growing the HR team

EmployWise augements your HR team so that they can manage the growth of your company efficiently without you having to hire more employees. A lean HR results in cost efficiencies for its leaders.


Leave Attendance

 Leave & Attendance Management System

Now work place time management is automated and online. You can manage talent effectively without having to spend time in answering leave queries and manually updating employee leaves and attendance information. With Employwise, the mammoth task of accumulating and processing attendance data is fully automated and frees up substantial management time.

 Offer your employees the access to apply for leave and mark attendance in real time

Through the self service capability, your employees can mark-in / mark-out their attendance and apply for leave online. Your employees do not have to chase managers or HR with their leave requests anymore. When an employee applies for a leave, the right authority will be notified through Employwise to approve or deny the request. 



Give your employees the ability to manage their time effectively

 Your employees can track leave balances and review leave policies without reaching out to HR. With a view of the shared calendar, each employee can make decisions on avoiding overlapping absences within a team. These features are extremely valuable in mission critical teams where time management is paramount.


Empower your managers with the ability to approve/reject leave requests in real time

When a leave request is submitted, an approval request is generated that follows the process setup based on Leave policy. Your managers now have the ability to accept/reject any leave request instantaneously.



You can setup leave rules and approval processes with just a few clicks

Through the Employwise setup wizards, HR can setup leave types, leave rules and create approval hierarchies to match the company policies. Now you do not have to chase paper trails or track leave related emails to ensure leave compliance.


Create fleixbility with the time management needs of your employees

With Employwise, you can create schedules and shifts with more flexible working arrangements for your employees. Now you can retain top performers that want to work from home and need flexible hours. An improved time management system that can be accessed anytime anywhere will allow you to be flexible with the ever-changing needs of your top talent.


Provide your leaders with a leave Dashboard

Provide your leaders with dashboards and reports that show a complete view of leaves taken or planned by different teams. These reports will allow your leaders to make people related decisions quickly and accurately.


Control labor costs by reducing over-time and over-payments

Your leaders will always have the automated attendance data in front of them. Your leaders will be able to save over-time and over-payments that can be caused by manual transcription, interpretation or malpractice.




 Timesheets Management

Record your work, manage your tasks and track your projects in one system.

Your employees can now submit an electronic timesheets that your managers can approve online

Your employees get to submit their timesheets from anywhere, anytime.




Setup the system once, and your timesheets will flow through the approval chain automatically

Now, you do not have to go through any manual labor of collecting and managing timesheets from your employees. You just create the templates using company policy and let your employees manage the timesheets themselves. You will now have time to deploy resources more appropriately across the company


Give your leaders the snapshot of all the work completed in a period

Provide your leaders a snapshot of the week, tell them how much time (actual and percentage) was spent on the various tasks; various project and the billable time spent on each project. They can now use the powerful Drill Down feature available on every screen to quickly report on under or over utilized resources at any point in time.



Compensation Benefits

Compensation & Benefits Management System

Manage your employee benefit claims all in one system. At the end of a period, simply create the input file for the payroll system and get your employees paid.

Empower your employees to self-service their benefits claims

Your employees can learn the company's benefit policy, apply for and follow up on the benefits claim, through the self service portal on Employwise. Managers can approve their team's claims without having to follow paper trails through the company. In addition, you will provide enhanced transparency and consistency so the employees always feel in the loop.




Focus on strategic HR and not mere processing

Employwise Compensation and Benefits Management System prevents your HR staff from processing claims all the time. Reducing your payroll processing time and processing claims in one go enables your HR to focus on moving your business ahead, empowering employees, and rewarding performance super stars.


Create your benefit approval workflow in Employwise and don't waste time chasing managers to approve applied claims

With Employwise, you just have to setup the system with your compensation and benefit policies. Once you create your benefit approval workflows, the system automatically keeps track of all the benefit claims filed by your employees and will reach your payroll once all the approvers approve the claim. You will save time and resources to do more strategic compensation planning instead of chasing paperwork.


Create input for financial payroll data in a few minutes

Having all the approved claims along with employee data all in one system allows you to create the input feed for your payroll system in a jiffy. You do not have to work with multiple spreadsheets and paper claims at any point in time


Provide your leaders with comprehensive dashboards of compensation

Your leaders will be able to see how benefits are being claimed by various businesses. With accurate and uptodate data at hand, your leaders will be able to strategically plan and manage company finances.




Travel Expense Management

Travel and Expense Management System

 With Employwise, you can book business travel, manage trips and itineraries, claim expenses all in one system. Built around employee self-service, Employwise provides an easy, automated process of requesting, approving travel as well as a very efficient system for employees to apply and get speedy reimbursement of business expenses claims, boosting employee satisfaction and better management of costs.

Your employees can submit and keep track of the expenses even when they are on the road


Since Employwise is anytime-anywhere solution, your employees can submit an expense as it occurs when they are on the road. They can upload the receipt right inside the expense statement and start the process of getting paid.



Your employees get timely payment of their expense submissions

With no paper to chase and no managers to follow up with, your employee's expense reports will get processed faster. This will result in quicker payment of expenses accrued leading to more satisfied staff.

Minimize fraud and improve compliance by creating transparency in business travel policy

With Employwise, your employees can review travel policy and preferred vendors before booking a trip. Each employee can be required to stay consistent with travel policy allowing you to negotiate bulk discounts with preferred hotels and transportation companies. With travel and expense managed through one system, you can make sure that your employees are staying compliant and that no fraudulant charges are occuring

No more manual paper based expense reports to process.

Now your HR staff will not have to worry about keeping track of manual paper based expense report tracking system. Simply create approval workflows and the expense claims will go through the process. In the end, simply create the payment file and process the payments for approved expenses

Empower your leaders with the view of company expenses at all times

Your leaders will be able to see cost centers, analyze trends and seasonality of expenses with just a few clicks

Offer your leaders an interactive drill-down Travel and Expense reports and dashboard!

Your leaders can now review employee data in an interactive drill-down dashboards.



Appraisals 3600 Feedback

 Performance Management System

Setup goals, create reviews, provide feedback and appraise your employees all in one system. Couple it with Training and you can continuously develop your employees to be better performers.

Your employees can always stay on top of their goals, appraisal process and career growth

Your employees can create career goals, file appraisal forms, get reviews done all online directly from Employwise. They get to better plan and execute their career development with the integrated Learning and Development features. If you see a gap in skill, simply provide the right training through Employwise.



Your employee confidentiality is always maintained

No one can see the employee appraisal except the approved managers. Your employees can rest assured that their appraisal is always confidential.




Create, execute and analyze an automated, effortless and efficient performance appraisal process

With Employwise, you get flexibility to choose from KRA, competence or Balance Scorecard method based performance management systems. Now you do not have to change the tool if your appraisal policies change. Create your own goal setting and appraisal system and operate it automatically through Employwise.


At-a-glance goal-setting to align individual goals to the organization's vision

You can setup organization goals so that the entire company can set individual goals in alignment with the organization goals.


Your leaders can track deviations in performance at a macro level and plan course correction

Your leaders can now see which business group is under performing and take actions swiftly to fix the issues. Plus they can identify talent from different business groups and nurture them into greater responisiblities and help them with career growth.



Training Skills Development

 Training Management System

Fill the gap between role requirements and individual capabilities with regular training and learning. With Employwise, you can develop new employee skills based on their goals and appraisal results and continuously match them to the changing business needs.

Create training needs for self and team members with Employwise.

With Employwise, you can create training needs for self or team in a few clicks. Now you can ensure that any skill gaps can be fulfilled quickly and effectively. With training feedback feature, you can ensure that the quality of training offered to you is top-notch and worth the time spent



Your training managers can now manage all training in one system

With Employwise, your training managers can create training need, design and publish your training calendar, review participant feedback, understand training needs of various businesses, register participants for training and create training budget. With Employwise, you can create your entire training system in one central place. Now you can spend time in aligning and fine tuning training programs and not chasing participants, managing registrations and constantly following up for feedback.



You can now manage training participation and ensure training compliance

Employwise shows you a list of participants for all trainings offered. Now, you can ensure that the training offered by you is taken by the right people at the right time.


Ensure your employees aquire the right skills for changing business needs

Now your leaders can ensure employee capabilities are constantly enhanced and are covering gaps between role competency requirements and individual capabilities.



Separation Succession Planning

Separation and Succession Planning

Be it retirement, layoff or resignation, treate your employee with the dignity they deserve by keeping the separation process smooth and simple through the Separation Module. Now you can handle separation logistics, collect company property and conduct exit interviews in one smooth separation process.

Your employees can now manage leave against notice period

With the view of number of leave days available, your employees can decide how much notice period is needed before they can leave the company.




Setup separation and termination policy in the system

You can now setup the notice period policy, separation policy and unauthorized leave related termination policy all in one system.


Manage exit interviews and other separation processes in one system

Now you can directly input all the separation data into the system without having to bother the manager of the employee.



Your leaders can do succession planning immediately

Your leaders are now always in the know when an employee plans to leave. The leaders can start succession planning immediately leaving minimum resource gaps.


Your leaders can access alumni network to fill resource gaps

Once employees leave, they can be added to a comprehensive employee network. Your leaders can tap into this network in the future when resource needs arise.



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