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Fanatical Support

 fa·nat·i·cal [fuh-nat-i-kuh l ] : Motivated or characterized by an extreme, uncritical enthusiasm or zeal

The Employwise Customer Success Team can only be defined as Fanatical. The team comprises of a bunch of really smart people obsessed with customer satisfaction. They make sure that anyone who uses Employwise does not face any problem and is given instant help when needed.


Getting you started

Many of our customers get EmployWise even before they hire their first HR person. They like to keep things simple. We completely get that. Our setup wizards for each module make the right assumptions for you and help you setup and start using EmployWise in just a few clicks.

We also realise that right now most of your data is in spreadsheets and you would not want to key in all that stuff all over again. So EmployWise gives you the option of uploading your data from your spreadsheets straight into the system and get started real quick.

What’s more it does not expect you to have too much information either, just toss in the basic stuff and people can add the rest themselves in their own profiles.



Keeping you up and running

People are using EmployWise anytime and anywhere. The Customer Success Team at EmployWise therefore keeps creating simple to understand knowledge material so that users can get answers to their questions without asking someone and waiting for an answer. When any EmployWise user asks for help the team ensures that they respond at the soonest. 

Beating the clock
“Each day we make sure that customer queries are responded in the fastest possible time. We work with very aggressive success metrics and we take pride in beating the clock on these metrics”

- Pankaj Kumar, EmployWise Customer Success Team Manager


Changing gears

We realise that not everyone works the same way and so we built a whole bunch of options so you can configure your EmployWise your way. This also means that as you grow bigger and your people expect clear policies you will need to put those in.

When we were building EmployWise most people told us to keep things simple and not add too many options. But we figured that most such ‘simple’ system only go that far and soon leave you wishing there was more. With EmployWise you get a very configurable system that let’s you change things around as and when you need to.

Completely modular and highly configurable
"It’s like lycra, always fits you even as you grow, not loose to start with and not too tight later!"

- Prachika Poonia, Functional Consultant, EmployWise


When you need more

While we have plenty HR smarts (over half our people are HR MBAs) , they are no match for the collective wisdom of those who use EmployWise everyday. They face unique challenges in different industry verticals and have implemented best practices that have been perfected over time. Our You-Ask-We-Build program taps the vast knowledge through a forum where our users share ideas, best practices and requirements. 

New updates every Monday
“Most of the new product features and improvements to existing features we build are now sourced from our Feature Request forum. For over 3 years we have been releasing new updates every Monday unlike competition which does once or twice a year, and I intend keeping it that way!”

- Sarabjeet Kaur, Product Manager, EmployWise


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