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EmployWise Release, Monday 08 May, 2017

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3 New features added.

Payroll & Taxation

1. [Technical Task] Balance Accrual agent enhancement

Balance accrual process in payroll has been improved and more accuracy can be achieved in accrual.
Issues which were reported earlier has been fixed in this release and accrual process has been made more reliable.


2. Payroll Process Improvements - Payhead name validation in excel upload of Adhocs

From our past experience, we have noticed that people were making mistakes in uploading wrong files in adhocs. That has been corrected now.
We have introduced 3 column structure for Ad hoc upload sheet.
1. Employee Code
2. Payhead Name same as defined in system
3. Amount

This will validate that whatever amount has been updated is going into right payhead only.


3. Payroll Process Improvements - Bulk Upload of ad hoc using single sheet

Current Functionality:
1. While processing adhocs, you need to create multiple adhoc files for each adhoc.
2. Select payhead and upload that payhead file.

This process was very time consuming and people were making mistake in uploading right file in right payhead.

What's New:
1. Payroll manager will get a new option of uploading All adhoc head in a single sheet.
2. 3 column structure will be followed in ad hoc sheet.
3. System will process only those employees adhoc which has been selected for payroll run.
4. System will show the error for each record as well which will help payroll manager in taking corrective actions immediately.

Where can I see this?
1. Login as Payroll Manager.
2. Go to Compensation > Run Payroll
3. Select Payroll Rule > Select Employees > Next
4. Go to 2nd page where you can see this new option of uploading adhoc amounts in bulk.

EmployWise Release, Monday 01 May, 2017

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2 New features added.

Leave & Attendance

1. Enhancement in defining short leave duration.

What's New?
Short leaves now can be defined in multiple of 0.x hours. Previously decimal values were not allowed.

From where I can make these changes?
1. Login as Administrator.
2. Go to Settings > Leave & Attendance > Leave
3. Check already defined Leave Type of "short leave" & Edit or Add new Short Leave.
4. Update Allow Maximum hours of leave in decimal.


Travel & Expense

1. New events for Modified Travel Request Notification

We have introduced new events list in case of Modified Travel Request. It was noticed earlier that whenever travel request gets modified, Always old notification gets triggered and employee in unable to identify the modification part.

By this change, employee will receive updated notification as per defined by HR.

How to make these changes?
1. Login as Administrator.
2. Go to Settings > Notifications > Notifications
3. Create > Select Module > Travel > Choose Preferred Event & Update.

For existing clients we have already created these modified travel events which are already created for normal travel. Hence no need to create again. Just update the notification message for Modified Travel Events.

EmployWise Release, Monday 24 April, 2017

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5 New features added.

Performance Management System

1. Notification to appraiser after ratings are approved by reviewer

Once the ratings are approved and submitted by the reviewer and it goes to HR hold state, an email notification will be sent to appraiser notifying about the rating approval done by the reviewer.


Payroll & Taxation

1. Full and Final Report Enhancements

As per client's feedback below changes has been introduced in F&F Advice.
1. FY begins logic has been shifted from "Separation FY" to "F&F FY".
2. F&F Processing date has been introduced.
3. UX improvements
4. Blank rows has been removed.
5. Company Name & Address has been introduced.
6. YTD columns has been removed.


2. Managerial Remuneration / KMP Report Changes

Post releasing this report we have found some feedback on different columns calculation and below changes has been made in report.

1. Medical Allowance and LTA (including arrears) shouldn't be part of pay heads in KMP report
Since the details of Medical and LTA/LTC group are already captured separately in KMP report, separate pay heads of Medical Allowance and LTA should not be included again in the report.

2. Adjustment heads (LTA, Ex Gratia and Medical) will be migrated under relevant head for right calculation.


3. Addition of new location inf LWF State

We have added new state Calicut (Kerala) in lwf employers (statutory form)
LWF rule for this location is different from Kerala State hence employees whose work location is Calicut & that location has been mapped in Statutory employers then LWF deduction will be done based on this now onwards.


Compensation & Benefits

1. Description field to be added in Comp Plan for each payhead

Whenever we open payhead for employee selection like in Flexi then employee must understand the meaning of that payhead for him/her.
By adding this, it is easy to show description with payhead for better understanding of payhead and employee can choose amounts accordingly for example while submitting Flexi.

EmployWise Release, Monday 17 April, 2017

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2 New features added.

Performance Management System

1. Improvements in Self Rating by Employee

What is the change?
While submitting self rating by any appraisee, our system calculate total score and that gets submit without viewing to the appraisee.

What's new?
Total Score will be visible at appraisee's end during self rating stage. While doing the self rating, the total score will dynamically change whenever a rating is given on any kpi/competency and also an appraisee will be able to view the total score before submitting the rating to the next level in both goals and competency section.

Employee Acquisition

1. Job sharing option with multiple users for HR.

All the jobs posted by HR (Source must be Website) should be having an option for sharing job with different email ids all together.
Only source - Website because by clicking on URL from email users can see these type of jobs only.

How to see this option?
1. Login as HR.
2. Go to Hiring > Open Positions
3. You will see option of "Share" in fornt of job line item for source website jobs.
4. Click on share and enter multiple email ids for sharing job with them.

EmployWise Release, Monday 10 April, 2017

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5 New features added.

Travel & Expense

1. Configuration of allowing date change in Travel expense claim

While creating any expense claim, employee is allowed to change the travel dates and basis on that employee can claim.
Although employee need to provide a reason of changing the dates.

What's New:
This option has been made configurable. From back end you can disable this option. It means if it is disabled then employee would not be able to change travel dates and if he needs to claim for new dates then he need to choose Modify Travel Request option and post approval, he would be allowed for claiming for new dates.

2. Server Upgrade

Now we have added more servers for serving more clients with less downtime.
Our focus is to reduce the downtime to zero percent.

Changes has been made in Reporting Servers too.


Compensation & Benefits

1. Front End Settings for defining Statutory Pay head of LWF & Gratuity

We have already released functionality of defining Statutory pay head for LWF & Gratuity. Now this feature has been enabled in front end where payroll manager can create this pay head & enable in payroll by defining as per law.

How can I define Gratuity?
1. Login with rights of Administrator.
2. Go to Settings > Payroll > Pay head
3. Add Pay head
4. Define below parameters
a) Name of pay head - Gratuity
b) Nature of pay head - Provision
c) Pay head sub type - Gratuity
d) Select pay heads which contributes amount to this head
e) Select Valid From date
f) Save

How can I define Employee LWF?
1. Login with rights of Administrator.
2. Go to Settings > Payroll > Pay head
3. You would be able to see predefined head name "Employee LWF".
4. Edit Name option will be available.
5. Save

Statutory Employer Settings for LWF:
1. Login with rights of Administrator.
2. Go to Settings > Payroll > Statutory Employer
3. You will find an option for defining Statutory details for your employer under LWF.


2. Last year Tax Declaration is now available for employees for New FY in Draft State

We have made submitting Tax Declaration more easy for your employees.
In New FY, Employee will get an option for doing Tax Declaration with below additional features.
1. For old employees, Tax Declaration will be prepopulated from previous FY (Verified Line Items in previous FY).
2. Each line item will be in Draft Mode & employee has to click on "submit" for submitting Tax Declaration for this year.

Through above changes, employee need not to redefine Tax Declarations again from Scratch.


3. Last year Medical Insurance is now available for employees for New FY in Draft State

We have made submitting Medical Insurance more easy for your employees.
In New FY, Employee will get an option for Selecting Family Members & Medical Plan with below additional features.
1. For old employees, Family Members will be prepopulated from previous FY.
2. Employee need to select plan and sum assured.

Through above changes, employee need not to redefine entire thing again from Scratch.


EmployWise Release, Monday 03 April, 2017

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3 New features added.

Payroll & Taxation

1. New P.tax location has been added in EmployWise

Introducing Tripura as new state for Professional Tax computation.
Now you can deduct P. Tax for employees who are working in Tripura State.


2. GMC (Medical Insurance) Changes for New FY

At the beginning of new FY, It is required to choose Medical Insurance Employees & Sum Assured for employees.
New customization has been introduced while opting for Medical Insurance.

Employee can't opt for Medical Insurance if Sum Assured amount for current FY is less then previous FY Sum Assured.


3. EmployWise Statutory Compliances

Below changes has been made in EmployWise Payroll system from April month payroll regarding statutory compliance.

Statutory section: Tax deducted at Source
Budget 2017-18 Changes: applicable for AY 2018-19

1. Rate of Income Tax reduced to 5% from 10% on Taxable Income between Rs. 2.5 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh. Marginal relief is there like before.
2. Surcharge to be levied @ of 10% on Income Tax, if taxable income is from 50 lakh to 1 crore.
3. Rebate u/s 87A of the I.T. Act, 1961 amount changed from 5000 to 2500 and applicable to income up to 3.5 lakh instead of 5 lakhs earlier.
4. On rented property, maximum loss capped at 2 lakhs. If loss exceeds 2 lakhs, only 2 lakhs is considered for tax computation. This cap is the overall cap on Income from 5. House property across all properties whether self occupied or rented i.e. the total loss in this head cannot be more than Rs. 2 lakhs.
6. RGESS benefit under 80CCG has been removed.
7. Benefit under section 80EE for first time home buyers, which was applicable only for FY 2016-17, has not been renewed so will not be available from AY 2018-19 onwards.

Statutory section: Provident Fund
EPF Administrative Charges & EDLI Admin Charges update in EPFO w.e.f. 1-Apr-2017
1. Administrative charges has been reduced to 0.65% from the existing 0.85% of total wages, on which contributions are payable w.e.f 1st April, 2017.
- This change will be applicable from April, 2017 & will be same for all previous months arrears as well, which are paid out April, 2017 onwards.

2. At present, the rate of administrative charges to run EDLI scheme is 0.01%.
- As per new changes EDLI administration charges have become zero.
- This change will be applicable from April, 2017 & will be same for all previous months arrears as well, which are paid out in April, 2017 onward.

EmployWise Release, Monday 27 March, 2017

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6 New features added.

Payroll & Taxation

1. Employee Statement Account report

Purpose of this report is to get entire YTD data of employee for selected FY.
Below are the data points which will be available in this report.
1. Month wise, Head wise payments made to employee.
2. Leave Accrual Details
3. Employer Contributions
4. Leave Taken Details
5, Leave Encashment Details

How to get this report?
1. Login as HR.
2. Go to Compensation > Reports > Employee Statement of Accounts
3. Search Employee Name or Code
4. Select FY for which you want to see the report.
5. Click on "Generate Report" for online view or Click on "Excel Button" for downloading excel report.

2. Form 12BA

When an employee receives ‘perquisites’ from his job, Form 12BA is provided by his employer to the employee. Perquisites are the benefits derived from a job or a position and these are in addition to salary already being paid to the employee.

This form is basically a detailed statement with information about perquisites, fringe benefits or amenities and profits in lieu of salary. The Income Tax Act has set out rules for calculation of monetary value of these perquisites. The value of these payments is shown in the form and also the amount that is taxable for the employee towards these perquisites.

Do note that this is form is additional to the Form 16 you will receive from the employer. Value of Perquisites u/s17(2) of the Income Tax Act is already included in the Part B of your Form 16. The TDS deducted on perquisites is also included in Form 16. Therefore Form 12BA is an additional detail meant only for perquisites.

This form will be available to employees when system will allow people to download Form 16 from Employwise system.

3. Introduction of monthly Group head in payhead definition in payroll module

There are several group heads in which amounts to be paid to employees on monthly basis and overall group is also defined as monthly group head.
It is required for providing flexibility to employees to do flexi in the compensation and they can choose amounts which will be paid to them on monthly basis.

4. Charitable Donations (80G) Changes in Tax Declaration

We have seen significant misuse of this option in Tax Declarations.
Employees usually declare some random amount and get tax benefit for entire year and just before FY end remove this declaration or while verification this line item gets rejected because people have not done any payments.

This creats a big problem for organizations in doing recovery of amounts in last month of FY and end up with negative salaries of people.
For avoiding such situation, we have introduced below changes in this head.

1. There is no option of declaring under this head.
2. Attachment is mandatory while declaring amount in this head.
2. Employee needs to submit proof under this head and that must be verified by Verifier else this benefit will not be given to employee.


Leave & Attendance

1. New Filter in HR Leave encashment

While doing Leave Encashment by HR below filters has been provided.
1. Include employees whose separation request has been accepted.
2. Include employees who has submitted separation request.

Travel & Expense

1. Mandatory reason to be asked in case of any deviation in any expense claim

Whenever any employee creates any claim and it is a deviation system inform employee that it is a deviation and when this request goes to deviation approval then he needs to send this back to employee for asking the reason.

Now we have made it mandatory that whenever there is a deviation then employee needs to enter the reason along with claim so that Approver need to not the send back for knowing the reason.

It will reduce the steps of processing a claim.


EmployWise Release, Monday 13 March, 2017

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3 New features added.

Leave & Attendance

1. Web Service Update

1. Past attendance Reapply Web Service is available for integration purpose.
2. Comp off approve webservice is available for integration purpose.

Both of the web services are required to be in sync on Web & App.

2. Roster upload through xls

This feature has been introduced based on several clients need.
Now you can define rosters for your employees by uploading in specific format provided by EmployWise.

How to do this?
1. Login as HR.
2. Go to Attendance > Upload Shift Roster
3. Upload sheet & you are done.

3. Automatic encashment of leave at year end / payroll

As per received feedback from clients this feature has been introduced.

How this will work?
Now you have an option if you want to encash lapsing leaves automatically at the end of year end.

How to make these changes?
1. Login as administrator
2. Go to Settings > Leave & Attendance > Leave > Leave Types
3. Choose Encashable Leave - For Ex. PL
4. Find an option "Auto Encash Leaves" & Select checkbox in front of this option.
5. Define value for "Auto encashment maximum limit of lapsing leaves".

You are done. While running payroll of last month of year, This process will execute and all of the lapsing leaves will be auto encashed in payroll.

Note: Leave calculation will be done including accrual of leave of last month too.

EmployWise Release, Monday 27 February, 2017

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4 New features added.

Payroll & Taxation

1. Paysheet and Consolidated Paysheet Enhancements

In earlier version of Paysheet we only covered all payslip heads and now onward we are incorporating below fields as well.
1. Employer Contributions
2. Third Party Payments
3. Any Perquisite Entitlement heads

How to get the report?
1) Login with access of Payroll Manager.
2) Navigate from Header Menu > Compensation > Paysheet OR Consolidated Pay Sheet
3) Select Company, Year, From Month, To Month and Generate Report.

2. KMP / Managerial Remuneration Report

This report is employee specific & shows total earning for him/her. Basis on this, Top employees gets identified who is having average salary more than defined limit & those employees names appear in Company sheets.

How to get this report?
1. Login with HR access rights.
2. Go to > Compensation > Reports > Managerial Remuneration Report & Generate Report

Travel & Expense

1. Travel Claims Enhancement in DA (Daily Allowance)

Earlier whenever we have defined attachment as mandatory in settings for Travel Claims (Expenses > Create Travel Expense Claim) then attachment is mandatory for DA as well.

Now we have made below changes in system for DA because conceptually it should not be done in case of DA Claim.
1. Attachment Non Mandatory for DA - While claiming DA now you can claim without attachment.
2. Default Payment Mode - Cash - No need to choose any payment mode. It will be cash by default hence steps are reduced while claiming DA.


1. iOS App Release Ver 1.1

Please find below key updates in this release.

1. Apply Past Attendance
2. Apply Out-on-Work Request
3. View Applied Past Attendance Request
4. View Applied Out-on-Work Request
5. Managers can Approve / Reject Out-on-Work Request

Download iOS App - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/employwise/id1191418553
Download Android App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.employwise.ggs.employwise

EmployWise Release, Monday 20 February, 2017

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2 New features added.

Employee Acquisition

1. Offer Letter Enhancements

Below enhancements has been done in Offer Letter.
1. New tags has been added like Grade, Grade Level, Role Etc.
2. Layout changes
3. UI modifications

From where I can access this?
1. Go to Hiring > Submit Candidate Evaluation
2. Find "Generate Offer Letter" option for individual employee and generate letter.

Employee Information Portal

1. Confirmation Settings Update

Rating option configuration has been implemented. Now as per requirement Mandatory Ratings can be removed from the form.

How to change the settings?
1. Login as Administrator.
2. Go to Settings > Policies > Employee Confirmation > Employee Confirmation Rule
3. Uncheck "Rating Mandatory" option.

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