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Statutory Compliance Bulletin (Budget Changes for FY 2018-19) - April, 2018

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Monday, Apr 02, 2018 | 1 New Feature Added.

Module: Payroll & Taxation

1. Statutory Compliances Bulletin - April 2018

Please find below-mentioned changes made to EmployWise Payroll system from April month payroll regarding statutory compliances (Budget changes for FY 2018-19).

Statutory section: Tax Deducted at Source

Budget 2018-19 Changes: applicable for AY 2019-20


For Individuals and salaried class:

1.  Introduction of Standard deduction under Section 16(ia) of Rs 40,000 or the amount of the salary, whichever is less, for the purpose of computing the income chargeable under the said head for the salaried class (replacing the transport allowance and the miscellaneous medical Reimbursement)

   - Omission of Section 10(14) read with Rule 2BB: Transport Allowance exemption

   - Omission of Section 17(v)(viii)(2) Medical Reimbursement exemption

   - Give flat tax benefit of Rs. 40,000

   - For handicapped people, the enhanced allowance of Rs.3200 as transport allowance will continue to be the same.

3.  Health and Education cess on taxes paid are proposed to be levied at 4% (the earlier limit was 3%).

4.  Personal income tax slab rates remain the same. However, due to the standard deduction, there may be changes in marginal values for Surcharge.


For senior citizens:

1.  The 80TTA exemption for interest income on bank and post office deposits has been proposed to be raised to Rs. 50,000 for all senior citizens (the earlier limit was Rs. 10,000) and will now be available under section 80TTB instead of 80TTA.
2.  The 80D limit for claiming insurance premium payment has been proposed to be increased to Rs. 50,000 (the earlier limit was Rs. 30,000)
3.  Section 80DDB deduction has been proposed to be increased for medical expenditure for certain critical illnesses for all senior citizens and very senior citizens up to Rs. 1,00,000 individually (earlier, the limit was Rs. 60,000 in case of senior citizens, i.e. individuals more than 60 to 80 years, and Rs. 80,000 in case of very senior citizens, i.e. individuals whose age is more than 80 years).


Statutory section: Provident Fund

1.  For every new woman joining the provident fund scheme, only 8% of Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is proposed to be deducted for the first three years of her employment. (The general deduction from salary was supposed to be 12%).
2.  In order to encourage employment generation, in this budget government has also proposed to contribute 12 percent of wages of new employees in employee provident fund for all sectors for the next three years. (The Union government is already implementing the Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY) scheme under which it pays the employers’ contribution of 8.33% of wages under the Employees’ Pension Scheme in the first three years of hiring a new employee.)
3.  We are awaiting an official notification from the department of Provident fund to understand the process and steps to be adopted by each company to claim such expenses.


Updates in Mobile App and Travel Module

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Monday, Mar 26, 2018 | 2 New Feature Added.

Module: Travel & Expense

1. UX improvements in Expense Claims (Capturing GST Information)

Below mentioned changes have been made in the screen where GST information gets captured.

1. IGST fields are disabled whenever any employee claims for Stay Head.
2. Beneficiary Details will be prefilled of the same state on the basis of Vendor GSTIN State code.
3. The system will capture the data mapping and smartly show GSTIN suggestions for capturing GSTIN data.
4. Similarly, SAC codes will appear based on the last usages by the employee.

Module: Mobile

2. Android Release Version - 1.1.42

Key Updates -
1. Update Travel Request
2. Out on Work approval screen improved with more details
3. Fast list loading in my request section
4. UI Enhancements
5. Bug Fixes

Download iOS App -
Download Android App -


Smart Search Introduced in EmployWise

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Monday, Mar 19, 2018 | 2 New Feature Added.

Module: Travel & Expense

1. Smart Search for Cities

We have made an account specific list of cities which will give the employee a limited set option in search and which will be more accurate as per account's need. Still, Global Search can be performed if no results found in the limited search.

What are the changes:
1. Account specific cities list can be created.
2. Whenever any employee search any city then system will first filter out cities from this list and if no result found then the system will search cities from the Global City Master.
3. Improving suggestions based on user stats. Now system smartly suggest cities list automatically based on last cities selected during the trips. This will enhance user experience and improve usability.

Module: Employee Information Portal

2. Capture one-time feedback from employees

We have made some enhancements in this section where employees get a notification with the link for filling a feedback form. Clicking on this link, employee redirects to a screen in EmployWise where he/she can fill the form and submit.

In the upcoming release, we are planning to introduce setup of feedback form and reports from the front end as well.


Mobile App and On boarding Module Updates

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Monday, Mar 12, 2018 | 2 New Feature Added.

Module: Mobile

1. Android Release Version - 1.1.41

Key Updates -
1. My Travel Requests Listing
2. Save as draft Travel Request
3. Cancel Travel Request
4. My Compensation view
5. UI Enhancements
6. Bug Fixes

2. iOS Release Version - 1.1.4

Key Updates -
1. Create and save as draft Travel Request
2. Approve Travel Request
3. My Travel Requests Listing
4. Cancel Travel Request
5. My Compensation view
6. Holidays Improvement
7. UI Enhancements
8. Bug Fixes

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Module: Onboarding

1. Pre-joining activities enabled in Onboarding Module

What is the change?
From onboarding setup, now HR can define pre-joining activities as well.
Whenever any employee has been marked as "Offer Accepted" in Hiring Module, these pre-joining activities gets kicked in based on the triggers defined in the setup.


Enhancements in Email Notification across EmployWise

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Monday, Mar 05, 2018 | 1 New Feature Added.

Module: Others

1. Email Notification Triggering Enhancements

What is the change?
Previously, the system triggers email notification on server side now onwards system will send email notification using APIs if because of any reason email trigger gets failed on the server side. Hence we are making sure that no notification should get missed because of an issue.


EmployWise Android App Release

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Monday, Feb 19, 2018 | 1 New Feature Added.

Module: Mobile

1. Android Release Version - 1.1.40

Key Updates -
1. Create Travel Request
2. The user can report any issues (bug, enhancement or feature Request) in mobile app
3. UI Enhancements
4. Bug Fixes

Download iOS App -
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