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Hiring of a Millennial

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Some call us generation Y or the ‘me me me generation’, some call us the millennial kids but ofcourse for the last few years we have been lovingly (more often than not) referred to as the ‘Facebook generation.’ Born anywhere between the 1980s and early years of 2000, our characteristics are often touted about almost as a horoscope reading – uncompromising, unapologetic, irrelevant, love smartphone apps, new technologies and obsess about career growth, social media and friends. We are mobile, tech savvy multi-taskers and we never keep our salary a secret! 


How Strong Is Your Bench?

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"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers." - Ralph Nader

In India, succession planning has always been a contentious issue. It either causes family feuds or divides the company. Either ways it’s a judgment call that should factor in the personal traits as well as professional experience and skills of the people involved. Effective leadership can only be achieved by identifying the shortage of eligible leaders, auditing the shortlisted candidates, developing them for the role over a period of time and then conducting the transition.


Keep Rewarding and Benefiting!

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give rewardsPerformance management is no longer an annual event. It has become a continuous project, with or without performance management software. The need to evaluate employees regularly especially in terms of goal achievement has become vital for all companies be it big or small. Mentoring is also an integral part of any employee’s development and performance management plays a very important role in gauging the need and extent for coaching and guidance. However, performance management in India is still in an evolutionary stage facing multitudes of challenges.


Are You a Strategic Leader?

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Strategic Leaders are not just ordinary leaders. They are unique in their traits and practices. They think differently, see things from different perspectives and conduct business with out-of-the-box intuition. Paul J.H. Schoemaker, Steve Krupp and Samantha Howland conducted an extensive study involving more than 20,000 executives at their consulting firm, Decision Strategies International and at Wharton School and found out six essential individual characteristics of Strategic Leaders. These characteristics include the knack to anticipate, challenge, interpret, decide, align and learn.


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