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The Rise of Employee Self-service portals

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Self Sefvice PortalHR being the resourceful department first used employee self-service portals as a cost cutting method.  With the surge in technology, these SSPs are emerging as the new generation tools and proving to be contributors to productivity and greater employee satisfaction.



‘APPS’olutely HR

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Tech Human TouchThe face of the Human Resources department has changed significantly and it is now being seen more as a contributor to the profitability of an organization.  Organizations have made a paradigm shift towards viewing HR as an innovative business partner, which will help in building the core competence of the organization leading to sustainable growth.  The reason for this change is the competitive pressure in an extremely volatile business market place, where everyone is competing to better their sales, increase profits and grab the best talent in the market. 



Cloud's Next Big Wave: SaaS

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saas-HR SolutionThe new trend is starting and it’s creating a new wave of cloud computing that is radically changing industries. The cloud is now being considered a viable target for deploying mission critical applications. Enterprises are finally realizing that customers no longer want to buy packaged software and instead are expecting everything to be delivered as a service. In other words, customers are expecting their vendors to be SaaS providers.

SaaS will become the new operating model for B2B applications.



Mobilizing Working Possibilities

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Flexi Working HoursA desire for increased productivity and a more connected company culture has prompted companies like Yahoo!, Best Buy, Bank of America and Zappos to scale back their flexible work arrangements. 

A decision like this would definitely impact the women workforce, but it is naive to believe that it would have no impact on today’s aspirational men. In fact the report presents some findings which actually expound all these beliefs and more.




RIP Best Practices?

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automating hr-2In a world dominated by Facebook and LinkedIn, there is no doubt that the Human Resource department, as we know it, needs to evolve. HR mainly comprises of two important objectives – personnel management and business execution. Personnel management has become completely automated, as a result of which, the services that needed face-to-face interactions earlier are now online anywhere and anytime thanks to web-based HRMS which offers ‘self-service tools’. Business execution has also become a round-the-year continuous process as it is easy to map individual goals and align it with the company’s strategic goals with the help of an effective employee management system.


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