Having Fun, Innovating HR

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What Do We Do?

We come to work each morning to do our bit and make things better for employees, HR folks and the leadership at our customer companies. We apply our minds to make things easier, faster and smarter. To us innovation is an interesting cross-pollination of ideas, applying solutions from elsewhere to problems our customers come across .


How We Work

We stay connected with customers and users and watch what they do, the information they seek, the actions they take and the problems they face doing so. We apply technology to improve efficiencies and not waste time. We are constantly looking to give them insights that will make their actions and decisions better.

We look to re-engineer processes to cut unnecessary red-tape and bureaucracy in organisational processes. We are constantly looking at ways to help managers and leaders know and understand their people and enable them to look after them better.

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What Makes Us Happy

Our sense of fulfilment and happiness come from our customers telling us that they are better off with EmployWise than they were before. When users feel good about the system their HR has put in place and how it makes their life easier.

We also feel good each time we win a new customer who rejects the Goliaths of software for us because they can see that for us it's not just another sale but a partnership and a commitment to help them succeed. We go home each day knowing we made a difference and helped people so their work better and in the process they helped us learn so much more.