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Tuesday, 02 September 2014 00:00 Written by Chandini Ann Khanna
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Tech Human TouchThe face of the Human Resources department has changed significantly and it is now being seen more as a contributor to the profitability of an organization.  Organizations have made a paradigm shift towards viewing HR as an innovative business partner, which will help in building the core competence of the organization leading to sustainable growth.  The reason for this change is the competitive pressure in an extremely volatile business market place, where everyone is competing to better their sales, increase profits and grab the best talent in the market. 


To have a crucial department like Human Resources as a purely administrative body seems like a waste of the sea of talent and scope available within this realm. Most of the administrative tasks that HR was earlier ‘expected’ to perform are just as easily outsourced or better still digitized to save costs and better utilize the human potential.  With this change of focus in mind, companies are investing in Apps for HR to make life easier and faster paced for all in question.

Let’s take a look at some of these Apps and Software deliverables.

Managing Employee Information:

The Employee Information Portal is the Employee Self-service management software. It is a central location for all employees to be able to view and update their personal data for accurate records.  This centralized portal allows employees to apply for leave, view current leave balances, review attendance records and other benefits attached to their employment. 

This helps the HR teams by:

-          Reducing the administrative hassle of updating every minute detail for an employee

-          Recording of accurate data and eliminating duplicate entries

-          Saves money on outsourcing and protects the confidential data of employees

Managing Learning and Development:

Training Management Software helps the HR team drive change and help employees pick up new skills or sharpen the existing ones.  This software helps to deliver training programs with a focus on enhancing employee performance and efficiency.

Managing Exit and Succession Planning:

Managing exits and planning towards replacements of exiting employees and having a clear stance of how an employee will move up the corporate ladder, are indispensable and crucial functions for HR.  This has a direct bearing on how employees and others view the company’s culture.  Exiting employees must be able provide their reasons for leaving in a non-threatening environment and their employment payment claims must be settled quickly and efficiently.  The outgoing employee must be given as much respect as the person chosen to fill the vacant position.  Also a consistently well performing employee must know that reward will come in the form of a step up and or an increase in earning.  Both Exit handling and succession planning are delicate subjects that must be managed with kid gloves.

Despite the importance of this feature it is provided by a very small percentage(34%) of human resource management software as suggested by a software research team. EmployWise is one of those few providing this feature.

Benefits of Exit Management are:

-          Accurate and efficient handling of payment of outgoing employees

-          Free up the human resource team to deal with more strategic initiatives

-          Promote a culture of openness and the feeling of being valued

Software solutions for HR that integrate cohesively with the business and other software within the company, create a robust armor that protects the interests of the business and gives a boost to employee performance. The overall and combined efforts of HR and other business practices create a collaborative network leading to sustainable growth and increased financial returns. With so much technology around, it is ‘apps’olutely certain that HR will remain a value added function rather than just to support or provide administrative help. 

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