Sumeet Kapur

Sumeet Kapur

Wednesday, 06 September 2017 15:07

What's Your 'E' Type?

Do you sometimes get the urge to chuck your job and take-off on your own or for that matter are already on your own and wonder if you made a mistake and should probably go back to a secure job? Do you know what’s your ‘E-Type’. Are you an employee-type or an Entrepreneur-Type. How you travel tells a lot about whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur type of person.

employee vs entrepreneur

Tuesday, 13 January 1953 06:05

Time For HR Heads To Become CEOs

While leaders from other functions often reach the top slot, HR heads are rarely made CEOs. With businesses becoming more people-centric, the time is right for CEOs to come from the HR function. HR professionals need to rise to the challenge and aspire for the corner office.

Hr heads to CEOs

Wednesday, 26 July 2017 10:47

Work-life Integration Not Work-life Balance

Separating work from life and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a losing battle. We need to move to enabling an integration between work and life by erasing conventional separating lines and enabling employees.

work life integration

Who is more important, individual or team? What sort of company culture and HR policies should be promoted, those that promotes the team or those that recognise exceptional individuals. Lessons from ongoing controversies on coach selection in the Indian Cricket team.

Great teams vs shining hereos

Wednesday, 05 July 2017 12:32

Can Laws Bring About Good Change?

Our blog post last week elicited a number of responses and the general view of those who commented was that while the provisions are well intended, they will probably also lead to companies taking actions to avoid the legal burden and that would be detrimental.

new maternity act

Friday, 30 June 2017 13:26

The New Maternity Act - A Boon or Bane

Maternity Act 2017

The new Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017 has made significant changes to the maternity leave rules in India for private companies, a law that has existed for over 50 years. Among the many changes a few that stand out are:

Thursday, 22 June 2017 12:09

Technology Pendulum Swings Away

Technology Pendulum Swings Away

Not so long ago, we came to our workplaces and got access to machines and capabilities that made us a lot more productive and connected. Our companies only could afford to buy and justify using technologies. We went home to significantly lower levels of technology and connectivity.

Monday, Jun 19, 2017 | 1 New Feature Added.

Module: Employee Information Portal

1. Notification will be sent to specified email id whenever Attendance Utility gets down

Many of our client's have integrated Biometric attendance system. For capturing attendance data in EmployWise, we have created a utility which needs to be installed at client's location. Sometimes we get to know that attendance is not getting captured in EmployWise and there could be several reasons behind this. Hence we have created a notification mechanism which will allow the client to take corrective action immediately.

How To Steps:
      1. An agent will be installed along with Utility (One-time Activity).
      2. Whenever there is any issue gets detected in utility, EmployWise system will send an automated email to specified email id.
      3. Basis on this notification, client can take corrective action immediately.


Monday, Jun 05, 2017 | 5 New Features Added.

Module: Employee Separation

1. New Notification Event for Employee Separation

It is required to notify few people like "Manager", "ERO", "HR" or some specific person through email ids whenever any employee gets separated in EmployWise.

How To steps:
      1. Login as administrator.
      2. Go to Settings > Separation > Request > Notifications
      3. Find Activity - "Notification to ERO/HR users on separation of any employee".
      4. Update information in "send copy to" and "email content".


 2. Clearance Process is now simpler


For achieving core objective of "Automation of Full & Final process", we have introduced basic changes in Clearances section.

Now Clearances steps are very simple.
Clearance Owner will get below options while doing clearances.

A) Cleared
B) Recover Value - Clearance Owner needs to define how much amount to be recovered or paid to an employee.
C) Hold Settlement - This will stop the Full & Final Process. Employee Full & Final can't be done until Hold Settlement changes to Cleared or Recover Value.

How To steps:
      1. Login as Clearance Owner.
      2. Go to Separation > View Clearances Requests
      3. Open any Clearance Request

Module: Payroll & Taxation

3. Payroll Checking - A new tool built for more accuracy in Payroll Processing

For reducing the time in checking payroll data, this new tool has been introduced. The objective of this tool to decrease the time of payroll data checking and improve the accuracy of data.

This checking process has been introduced for "Manage Services" clients specifically for delivering more accurate results.

4. Handling of rounding issues in CTC based claims

There are many issues that come at the end of a year when an employee should get less or more amount because of rounding errors in amounts. Hence we have handled such cases so that at the end employee get the exact amount which he/she is entitled to.

For each claim pay head, EW allows payroll manager to configure "Rounding Rules". Now at every place whenever any amount gets claimed, approved, or paid then the system will always apply rounding rules as per defined in claim pay head.

5. 'Make Payments' screen is now simplified

There was no pagination for looking at previous make payments done hence we have introduced below mentioned changes for checking previous "Make Payments" details.

We have introduced the below-mentioned changes:
     1. Paging has been introduced for multiple pages. On a single page, you can see up to 30 records.
     2. Company Filter has been introduced for better-refined results.

How to Steps:
      1. Login as Payroll Manager.
      2. Go to Compensation > Make Payments
      3. You would be able to see above-mentioned options.


Thursday, 15 June 2017 11:26

New Feature Added in "EIP Module"!

Monday, May 29, 2017 | 1 New Feature Added.

Module: Employee Information Portal

1. Improved "Uploading Documents Utility" for easy uploading documents in Employee's Profile

Several times client needs to make some personal documents available to the employee in their profile. The current utility has been created to achieve that objective.

Enhancement in uploading documents in Employee's Profile.
We have made changes in bulk file uploading utility which is capable of uploading documents in employee profile based on File Name. The file name must start with "Employee Code" or "Employee PAN". Based on this name, our system will upload that file on a predefined path for each employee.


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