Payal Dutta

Payal Dutta

Monday, 14 April 2014 00:00

Pointers for Managing Interns

Optimized-internCome April there is a set of activities you have as pending and a set of students awaiting to clear it off and submit their project reports. 

Interns can do more good, than bad. They bring in fresh perspective at low costs. Besides, it’s a great chance to help someone be an efficient employee. Internship can we a rewarding tenure for both company and students. So, how to go about it?


Wednesday, 19 November 2014 00:00

5 Key Factors to Increase Employee Motivation

Optimized-employee-motivationEmployee motivation is a tricky subject for most managers and organization heads. Yet it is imperative for them to handle employee motivation diligently since it forms the core for organizational success. Employee Motivation essentially means developing effective ways to recognize and applaud the contributions of your employees whereby they are encouraged to perform better and contribute more productively to their organization.



Employee EngagementAs the days unfold, businesses and companies face tougher competition and hostile plateaus being set up by consumers who want more from a company. With costs to cut and consumers to impress, companies are torn between these two facets. But there seems to be a ray of hope, Employee engagement!

Wait, employee engagement?? What’s different apart from engaging an employee by providing him a job in a company? Well actually there’s more, and most of all it could hold the ticket in combating the scenarios most companies find their place in.

Employee engagement surpasses far beyond than just engaging an employee with his or her respective work, it’s trying to inculcate a model in which an employee can find himself more responsible towards the company’s growth and ideologies.


Achievers awards 50 US and Canadian companies for best employee engagement initiatives annually. Winners for 2012 include Cisco, Infosys Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services, Zappos, Adecco Employment Services, Polar Mobile, Siemens Canada, Bayer Inc and many others.

Achievers chose the winners based on a set of eight pre-defined elements that drive employee engagement. Interestingly, on number three is organizational culture.



As a workforce, we are forever busy, rushing to reach office, complete projects and meet deadlines. We live a fast paced life, but we are also extremely sedentary. We work, just sitting in one place, all day long and do not indulge in any form of significant physical activity.

Such a contrasting work culture has led to high stress level and increased health ailments like cholesterol and hypertension, and this has become global phenomenon. Employees all over the world are falling prey to the perils of sedentary work culture which is also making them unproductive and inefficient. Organizations are beginning to take note of this growing problem and have started implementing corrective measures. One such praiseworthy step is GlaxoSmithKline’s Standing Work Station at their new office in Navy Yard.


With increased use and popularity of social media channels and social networking sites, online presence of individuals is on the rise like never before. Even businesses have embraced social media and have acknowledged it as an imperative tool for growing their businesses. With everything going social, is it time for HR practices to also turn social?, in its report on Trends of the Job Seeking Millennial, pointed out that, the present day workforce belongs to the web savvy Generation Y which uses the social sites to find job listings and attract employers. 


Friday, 15 February 2013 15:30

Are You a Strategic Leader?

Strategic Leaders are not just ordinary leaders. They are unique in their traits and practices. They think differently, see things from different perspectives and conduct business with out-of-the-box intuition. Paul J.H. Schoemaker, Steve Krupp and Samantha Howland conducted an extensive study involving more than 20,000 executives at their consulting firm, Decision Strategies International and at Wharton School and found out six essential individual characteristics of Strategic Leaders. These characteristics include the knack to anticipate, challenge, interpret, decide, align and learn.

Strategic Planning

The key towards making employees dwell deep in their work is to showcase how their work affects the company. When each employee is aware of the impact his or her job creates they will show better performance.

We can achieve this if we involve employees in our strategic planning process.






Wednesday, 30 January 2013 10:47

Performance Management, Defined.

Performance management starts as soon as an employee is hired and ends when he leaves the organization. Between the two careful planning and a well defined model for performance management is necessary for its smooth working. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013 20:21

Let’s go back, where it all began


Another year commences, another race, another look at all our plans, another cycle has just begun.

Let’s see what 2013 has in store for the world of human resources. It turns out, the same it did for 2012, 2011 and all the years before. It’s evident that Christmas stockings put up near the mantle of the house of HR is going to contain the same presents with a different wrapper. Every year the HR pros’ gather around and contemplate and churn up complex models combating a plethora of problems. We take into account countless variables and synthesize formulas as an attempt in vain to bring about equilibrium. The more we rattle our heads in combating higher order problems the more we drift away form the core values HR was initially built upon.

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