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Jaskaran Khurana

Jaskaran Khurana

Monday, 07 April 2014 15:20

EmployWise Release , Monday 7 Apr, 2014

1 New feature added


1. Multi rater average score in Competency Section:

System will also compute and display multi rater average score in competency section like it does for goals section. All those actors who can view multi rater score at competency level, at any stage can view this score as well.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 15:20

EmployWise Release , Monday 24 Mar, 2014

1 New feature added


1.  Appraisal Submission:

The appraisee will be able to submit the self appraisal in single go. Earlier the system required one competency section submission and then goals submission. As per this new functionality, system will allow submission of entire appraisal from any section(goals & competencies) and will seek confirmation while doing so.


Tuesday, 25 March 2014 14:08

EmployWise Release , Monday 17 Mar, 2014

3 New features added


1.  Notification:

A new configurable notification has been added in travel & expense workflow wherein if there is any type of deviation in travel request, an email will go to travel booker notifying about the same. The idea is to address business need where booker need prior information for bookings, so they will be notified in advance while the request goes for an additional approval for deviation.


2. Notifications & Alerts

New interfaces of notifications & alerts have released in separation module. These are available in 'Notifications' & 'Alerts' under relevant setup options like 'Separation Request', 'Clearances','Exit Interview'.


3.  Return Workflow in PMS review:

When a reviewer returns a particular review, system will ask the user if the return is for specific section or entire review(both goals & competencies). This will facilitate the reviewer to return a specific review section goals/competences as return could be triggered from any section. System will manage 'Need To Act' of appraiser and reviewer accordingly and display action items.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014 11:50

EmployWise Release , Monday 10 Mar, 2014

3 New features added


1.  Birthday Leaves:

We have introduced new rules in leave type which will support configuring leaves based on life events like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. These leaves will be applicable if employees have personal information in system. When the employee applies for such a leave, system will display the birth date/ anniversary date which the approver can  refer to while approving the leave.


2.  Deviation Details in expense claims:

The users will now be able to view the entitlement of an expense head while claiming the expense claim if the details entered by user result into deviation. It will be highlighted as per existing methodology but there will be an additional icon which will provide deviation summary. The deviation summary will list the eligibility limit and how much the user has deviated from limit. This will be available for the approvers as well as decision support.



3. Setup forms of Clearances & Exit Interview

New setup forms of clearances and exit interview with nice interfaces have released.

Monday, 17 February 2014 12:42

EmployWise Release , Monday 17 Feb, 2014

1 New feature added


1.  New interface of 'User Permissions' has released.

  • The HR User/HR Head rights can now be defined on a single interface of 'HR User' in 'User Permissions'. The various rights have been clubbed under various modules. 
  • The applicability for each right can now be defined in better user interface.
  • An additional search option has been added to search an employee for defining HR rights.
  • The administrator and training manager rights could be defined from the new tab 'Administrators & Others' in 'User Permissions'.


The entire data has been migrated to support this new user interface which means the functionality 'Role Variant' will not be required and will no longer be part of system.

Monday, 17 February 2014 00:38


Welcome to EmployWise!!!

Now that your signup for free trial is complete, you are required to do some basic setups for your organization, after which you shall be able to smoothly use the various modules like Employee Information Portal, Leave & Attendance, Travel & Attendance, Performance, Employee Acquisition, Learning & Development and Compensation & Benefits.

Please follow the steps below by going to the Settings page and implement EmployWise for yourself and by yourself.

Step 1:
Add your Company

To add your company name, company logo, currency used by you, etc. please follow the below steps:

  • - Click “Settings” on top right hand corner of your screen
    • - Expand Organization Structure and click “Companies”

        Organization Structures > Companies

    • Click “Add Companies” and enter the required fields like company name, company logo, currency, etc


      • - Click “Save”
      • Step 2:
        • Add your Business Units

Does your organization have Business Units?

  • - If YES : click on Business Units under “Settings” section 

      Organization Structures > Business Units

  • Click “Save”
    • - If NO : Don’t worry! Employwise maintains a default Business Unit named ‘NA’ which can be used in carrying out processes where Business Unit is mandatory such as adding a new employee.

         For now you may just skip this step and go to step 3.

  • Step 3:
Add your Functions

Organizations may have various functions and their sub-functions. This section helps you in defining them for your organization.

For an organization having: 

       Function - Human Resources

       Sub Functions - Talent Acquisition, and Employee Engagement

To add Function Types for your organization please follow the below steps:

Click on Functions under “Settings” section to create a Function Type

  Organization Structures > Functions > Manage Function Types

Click on "Manage Function Types" and then "Add Function Type". A new window opens (refer screen shot). Enter the name and a description about the same.

- Select the "Parent Function Type" from the drop-down, for example in order to create hierarchy as per fig 1, select "Function" as Parent Function Type for a Sub Function.

- A new Function Type gets created with the same name.

To add functions for your company please follow the below steps:

Click on Functions under “Settings” section to create a Function Type

  Organization Structures > Functions > Add Function

Enter the Function name, code and Function Head; you can also add a description. Categorize this function into a function type (Function or Sub Function as per the example in Fig 1)

- Click on "Save"

Step 4:
Add your Locations/Work Locations

This section will help you define geographical locations of your organization. EmployWise allows you to categorize your geographical locations into different location types. Location types can be created in hierarchy as shown in the Fig 1 below.

To create location type hierarchy for your company, please follow the below steps: 

-  Click on Locations under “Settings” section to create a Location Type

  Organization Structures > Locations > Manage Location Types

- Click on "Manage Location Types" and then "Add Location Type". A new window opens (refer to screen shot). Enter the name and a description about the same.

- Enter its name and select the parent location type from the drop-down. For e.g. in order to create hierarchy as per Fig 1 select "corporate" as Parent location type for "Regional" and "Regional" as Parent location type for "Plant".

To add locations / Work Locations for your company please follow the below steps:

- Once the Location Types are created, you can add your company's geographical locations. In case some of your employees are working on a different location due to onsite project or any other reason, they can be mapped onto Work Locations. EmployWise allows you to create different work locations in order to handle these cases.

- Click on "Add Location"

- Enter the location details as shown in the screenshot above. You can also make this a Work Location by checking the check box.

- Click on "Save" and a new location is created.

- In case the Work Locations are different from the locations created above, you can create them by clicking on Work Locations in Organization Structures.

  Organization Structures > Work Locations

Step 5:
Add Employee Types
This section allows you to create different Employee Types

- Click Organization structures in Settings section and select "Employee Types"

  Organization Structures > Employee Types

- Click "Add Employee Type“,Enter the Employee type Name, Code and some description.


- Click on "Save" 

Step 6:
Add Grades and levels

Do you have Defined Grades and levels in your Organization?

If Yes:

- Click Organization structures in Settings section and select "Grades and Levels"

     Organization Structures > Grades and Levels

- Click on “Add Grade”. Enter the Name and Code of Grade and Level, you can add multiple Levels within a grade by clicking on “Add grade level” as shown in the screen shot.


- Click on Save

If No

Dont Worry, EmployWise maintains a Default Grade "NA", which can be used in carrying out process where adding a Grade in mandatory.

For now skip to Step 7

Step 7:
Add Role Group/Roles

This section helps you in adding Different Role of your Organization into EmployWise.

Before Adding Roles you should create Role Groups under which similar Roles can be mapped

For adding Role Groups:

- Click Organization Structures in Settings section and Select "Roles"

    Organization Structures > Roles

Click “Manage Role Group” and then on “Add Role group”. Enter the Role group Name and code and Click "Save"

After Creating Role Groups add Organization Roles by:

- Clicking “Add Organization role” and Entering the Required fields.

Field Description
Reports to Role Dropdown to select the reporting Role
Role Profile, Qualifications, Skills, Experience and Others Text Fields
Hiring Time in Days Text field for defining the total time for Hiring for this Role


- Role specific rights can be assigned by checking the check box in front of each option at the end of the form- You can attach a Detailed Job Description by Uploading a Doc or PDF file

- Click "Save"


By Completing these above 8 Steps you are done with the basic configuration of EmployWise. You can now invite your Employees to join; by Adding them into EmployWise.

You can do this by:

-Switching to HR User option from drop down at the top left corner of your screen


-Click on "Add Employee" in People Menu

- Enter Employee Details and Click "Save"


Tuesday, 28 January 2014 14:21

EmployWise Release , Monday 27 Jan, 2014

3 New features added

Leave & Attendance 

1.  Three new fields have been added in 'Payroll Report'. These fields are Company, Business Unit and Employee Type.

2. 'Balance as on Date' report will now have leave balance information for alumni employees as well. An additional filter for 'Employee Status' has been added along with a field in report.


3. Travel & Expense setup will have a new option 'Travel Requests' . The set up options related to travel request which were earlier part of 'Single Field master' along with 'Purpose of travel', have been moved as part of 'General' tab under 'Travel Requests'.

Thursday, 16 January 2014 14:14

Add Currency Conversions

This section helps you in defining currency conversion rates for different applicable currencies in your organization


1. In Settings section click Travel & Expense and select "Currency Conversion"

    Travel & Expense > Currency Conversion


2. Click "Add Currency Conversion"

3. Select the Currencies form the dropdown and the conversion rate. Refer to screen shot for example


4. Click "Save"

You can Edit/Mark Inactive an already created currency conversion by repeating the same steps for the created ones


Wednesday, 15 January 2014 23:11

Payment Modes

This section helps you in selecting the various payment modes for Travel and Other expenses

1. Click Travel and expense in Settings section. Select "Payment Mode"

    Travel and Expense > Payment Mode


2. Select the appropriate mode by checking the same


3. Click "Save"

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 23:10

Create Account Codes

This option helps you in creating Account codes against which the Travel expenses can be mapped

1. For this Click on Settings section and select Travel Expense

2. Click Account Codes and click "Create"

3. Enter the code and description and click "Save"

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