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Capturing Geo Attendance and Enhancements in Expense and Payroll Module

Monday, Nov 27, 2017 | 4 New Feature Added.

Module: Travel & Expense

1. An additional option of Refer has been introduced at accounts verification step in Expense Claim.

Once the claim has been approved as per defined workflow and verification step comes in the picture then there is a need that Verifier is not in a situation to verify or return the claim to the employee. In this scenario, Verifier would be able to refer this case to any other employee and a new employee who has been referred can take further action in the system.

Where can I see this change?
1. Login as Account Verifier.
2. Go to Expense > All Expense Claims > Need to Act
3. Open any claim line item.
4. You will find an option of Refer at the bottom.
5. Clicking on this button, Verifier needs to search an employee and enter a mandatory comment and refer.
6. The system will post this Verification step to the new employee and that employee would be able to take further action in such cases.

2. Invoice Number Field is Mandatory in GST Layer.

While capturing GST Details it was required to make this field mandatory.

Module: Payroll & Taxation

3. Update computation logic of ESIC & P. tax in F&F.

What is the change?
1. If FnF is getting processed after the month in which employee got separated.
- The system will not process ESIC.

2. F&F after separation month
- States with Annual Computation
The system will deduct the residual amount of P. tax same as Separation month payroll or March Payroll.
Residual Amount = Annual Deduction as per slab - Total deducted till now

- States with Monthly Computation
The system will deduct the monthly amount of P. tax same as Separation month payroll or March Payroll.

Module: Leave & Attendance

4. Capturing Geo Location of Employee while Marking In / Out from Mobile App

There is a need when the company wants to capture employee's Mark in and Mark Out location. Hence we have introduced this feature which captures location of an employee while Marking In and Marking Out.

How does this work?
1. The employee needs to install Android/iOS application of EmployWise from below mentioned links. 
Download iOS App - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/employwise/id1191418553
Download Android App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.employwise.ggs.employwise

2. Give Permission for Location Access to the App.
- If an employee doesn't give permission then location would not be captured.
- Calendar will show a message - "Location services not enabled"

3. Turn GPS on always before Marking Attendance On / Off. 
- If an employee doesn't turn GPS on while Marking in / out then location would not be captured.
- Calendar will show a message - "Location service switched off"

4. If an employee gives permission and turns GPS on while marking in / out.
- The calendar will show Location from where attendance was marked.

5. If an employee is marking in/ out from other sources like - BioMetric, Web, Past Attendance, Out on Duty, Etc.
- The calendar will not show any location.

Currently, Location can be seen in employee calendar on the website and we will be making it available in Mobile apps soon.


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