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HR Process Automation for Small Business

Small and fast growing businesses need support. The HR processes in small companies or start ups are still evolving, but its extremely clear that they also need to manage talent well. Ensuring people friendly leave and attendance tools, travel related complainces and of course expense management etc are very critical.

EmployWise is designed to cater to the needs of organisations of all sizes, big or small. The product quickly gets aligned with the needs and policies of your company fairly quickly. EmployWise doesnt ask you to make changes in the way you run your business or HR, it changes itself to meet your needs.  

Why EmployWise™ is right for you?


  • EmployWise™ is the strongest foundation you can lay for talent management in your organization. It is a simple but effective way to bring in best practices and augment the in-house HR capabilities.

  • EmployWise™ has a “Zero-CAPEX” model which means that you can bring in HR automation without taking resources away from other important initiatives critical to your survival and growth today.

  • EmployWise™ is a “Software-as-a-Service” which means that it is a fully managed service that your people get to use anytime, anywhere without needing IT people inside your company to run it. In fact, EmployWise™ can be used even before you hire your first HR professional.


HR Process automation for Mid-Sized and emerging Businesses

You are on a growth trajectory. As an emerging mid-size company, you are on your way to evolve and become a large enterprise.

While on the one hand managing a growing number of people and supporting their needs is becoming a problem, you are also faced with the challenge from greater competitors who have the muscle to lure away the best and brightest talent. 

EmployWise helps mid seized companies evolve their HR processes to cater to growth requirements of tomorrow and today. The automation tool of EmployWise grows with you.

Why EmployWise™ is right for you?

EmployWise™ is an integrated employee life-cycle management solution that works from hiring to separation and will be the single solution for HR that you need.

EmployWise™ is the best way to transform your people practices into those followed by industry leaders and ones that will earn you appreciation from employees.
With its powerful self-service capabilities EmployWise™ ensures that your current HR team will be adequate to manage future headcount growth.
EmployWise™ is a “Software-as-a-Service” which means that you need only the fraction of the investment that an enterprise class solution from an ERP vendor would cost.


HR Process automation for Large Businesses

Managing talent in large set ups is a hasel and extremely cumbersome process.


98% of ‘best in class’ companies use an effective employee performance management automation tool, versus 59% of other firms. - The Employee Performance Management Benchmark Report: Managing Human Capital for a Competitive Edge. Aberdeen Group, 2006.


In a business world which now largely resides and banks on the quality of people in an organization, managing talent effectively is almost hygiene and automation really is that tool without which the HR and talent management processes areunlikely to garner the expected business outcomes.

EmployWise automation ensure and facilitaes end to end Employee Life Cycle automation management.

Why EmployWise™ is right for you?
  • EmployWise™ is an integrated employee life-cycle management solution that ensures that you have a single repository of people related data both static and transactional to give you a 360 degree view of your people.

  • EmployWise™ will ensure that you get significant efficiencies (aka savings) through faster acquisition turnarounds, higher employee productivity, focused training spends and leaner HR teams.

  • EmployWise™ is a “Software-as-a-Service” which means that it is a fully managed service for your HR team. One that does not require your scarce IT resources to be spared from managing your mission critical ERP applications to support a whole new HR automation initiative (and yet you are able to integrate with your core ERP).

  • With powerful self-service capabilities EmployWise™ ensures that the HR team does not get involved in transaction processing but work towards increasing employee engagement level.


Technology for People Management and Talent Development in Not-for-Profits

Not-for-Profit (NfP) organisations bring together people to work together towards a cause. Therefore, like for-profit organizations, managing human resources effectively is a vital need for NfPs too.NfPs face some unique challenges:
        the presence of volunteers who bring their own set of challenges as ‘employees’
        the issue of defining adequate compensation and rewards
        the issue of altruistic motivation


  • HR Technology can help NfPs implement many of best practices, enhance employee engagement  and also reduce the cost of the HR function.
  • The HR system should cover the entire life-cycle of an employee, from hiring to separation providing end-to-end processes. An integrated life cycle management system would allow an NfP to have a single solution for all its HR needs, instead of ending up with different solutions for different sub-functions, which may result in islands of automation.
  • Automated HR solutions, such as EmployWise, also have employee self-service portals’ allows employees and management to view and update information, manage services such as leave approvals, and can provide valuable performance assessment insights. These allow NfPs greater efficiencies, ease of access,  staff empowerment/autonomy, adaptability and result in greater staff retention.
  • While selecting a solution, NfPs should prefer SaaS (software as a service) solutions. These systems run on the cloud and are accessed through web browsers. Thus, there are available anywhere, anytime. They usually have no upfront capital costs and minimal implementation costs . These solutions also require no additional infrastructure for implementation. Often, NfPs cannot afford perpetual license fees and additional infrastructure that comes with regular automated HR implementations. However, a SaaS solution will allow NfPs to pay for software incrementally, and eliminates implementation costs. SaaS solutions can also be accessed anytime and anywhere, a boon for NGOs that have many employees that work from home.
  • A good integrated SaaS HR solution is an important equalizer for NfPs allowing them to leverage powerful applications so far possible only for very large enterprises.


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