EmployWise for Google Apps

EmployWise for Google Apps Header

EmployWise™ HR software is now available on Google Apps™. You can login to EmployWise™ using your Google Apps ID, or Open ID.
With EmployWise™ you can efficiently manage and optimize your organization’s human capital. EmployWise™ has 8 key modules that cover the entire employee life-cycle and you can pick and chose them to deploy them depending on what you need most with the option of adding other modules in future.

EmployWise™ Requires No Additional Resources
We know that growing businesses have their own restrictions on resources. You can ease the burden of getting another person to manage employees on a daily basis with EmployWise™. HR best practices are built-in with EmployWise because we designed and developed it with HR experts across different industries. You won’t need another IT person to manage EmployWise, all you have to do is subscribe to our service and you’ll get our support services along with it.

EmployWise Grows As You Grow
Don’t worry about subscribing to services that you don’t need now, you can just take what you really need and subscribe to other services at a later point. As your organization grows, your needs will be different. You  can think about getting other modules at that point.

Zero Capital Expense!
EmployWise™ is delivered over the cloud. That means, you don’t have to buy or maintain your own IT infrastructure. We’re a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) HR software. As we continue to innovate, and fine tune our features, you’ll be able to enjoy them as soon as they’re released!