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EmployWise is now GST Ready!

Monday, Jul 03, 2017 | 3 New Features Added.

Module: Travel & Expense

1. EmployWise is GST ready!

As per government mandate, we have introduced GST option in all type of expense claims. This feature will be enabled only for those clients who wish to capture GST details.

Now onward whenever any employee creates any claim of dated starting from 1-July-2017 then the system will ask for GST details.
The system will ask below additional fields:
1. GSTIN Number
2. CGST - Rate & Amount
3. SGST/UTGST - Rate & Amount
4. IGST - Rate & Amount

How To Steps:
1. Login as employee who has some expenses of Jul-2017 Month.
2. Go to Expense > Create any claim
3. Select Date of July Month.
4. Employee would be able to see that system is asking for providing GST details.

 GST Sample in Expense


Module: Compensation & Benefits

2. Compensation upload process optimization and Perquisites file upload support

EmployWise allows HR to update compensation of employees in bulk. We have made changes in uploading compensation process which will make HR life easy.

We have done below mentioned changes in the system:
   1. Optimization of Compensation uploading process. Now the system will support 400% more records compare to the previous process.
   2. Handling of different cases so that no human error impacts this process.
   3. Showing proper error message which will help HR in rectifying the problem.
   4. Perquisites upload process has been initiated which will allow HR to upload Perk records (Company Car) as well while uploading compensation. Going forward we will be adding more perks as well.

How To Steps:
   1. Login as administrator.
   2. Go to Compensation > Compensation Upload
   3. You would be able to see the new screens and uploading compensation has been made stepwise for better understanding.


Module: Payroll & Taxation

3. Additional filter of F&F added in payroll API

It is required frequently to find out only F&F records which have been processed in a monthly payroll.

We have introduced a filter of finding only F&F records.
Flag name: fnf
Values can be 0 or 1
1 - it will fetch all fnf records
0 - it will fetch all records


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