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EmployWise Release, Monday 06 February, 2017

3 New features added.

Employee Separation

1. HR will be having an option of "Reconsider" for any separation request.


HR might have a discussion with employee and retain him/her. Hence reconsider option has been provided for HR which can be configured from backend.

How to use this feature?

1. Login as administrator.
2. Go to Settings > Separation > Request > Workflow
3. Add New Workflow / Edit Existing Workflow
4. You can see an option "HR can reconsider request after acceptance".
5. Once this option is selected, HR can reconsider any separation accepted request to employee.

Compensation & Benefits

1. PF Report enhancements.

After proposing changes in PF ECR Report we have added below new columns in existing PF Report.
1. UAN
2. Gross Wages

How to get this Report?

1. Login as HR.
2. Go to Compensation > Reports > PF Report
3. Select Company Name, Employer Name, Payroll Month & Get the report.


Travel & Expense

1. Architecture level changes in Advances against any travel request

We have introduced more depth line items details for each travel request with advances and same has been updated in APIS as well.
This will help employer to understand that which advance has been knocked off against any claim raised by employee. This is very much required in matching details with client financial system.

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