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EmployWise Release , Monday 10 Mar, 2014

3 New features added


1.  Birthday Leaves:

We have introduced new rules in leave type which will support configuring leaves based on life events like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. These leaves will be applicable if employees have personal information in system. When the employee applies for such a leave, system will display the birth date/ anniversary date which the approver can  refer to while approving the leave.


2.  Deviation Details in expense claims:

The users will now be able to view the entitlement of an expense head while claiming the expense claim if the details entered by user result into deviation. It will be highlighted as per existing methodology but there will be an additional icon which will provide deviation summary. The deviation summary will list the eligibility limit and how much the user has deviated from limit. This will be available for the approvers as well as decision support.



3. Setup forms of Clearances & Exit Interview

New setup forms of clearances and exit interview with nice interfaces have released.

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