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EmployWise Release , Monday 17 Mar, 2014

3 New features added


1.  Notification:

A new configurable notification has been added in travel & expense workflow wherein if there is any type of deviation in travel request, an email will go to travel booker notifying about the same. The idea is to address business need where booker need prior information for bookings, so they will be notified in advance while the request goes for an additional approval for deviation.


2. Notifications & Alerts

New interfaces of notifications & alerts have released in separation module. These are available in 'Notifications' & 'Alerts' under relevant setup options like 'Separation Request', 'Clearances','Exit Interview'.


3.  Return Workflow in PMS review:

When a reviewer returns a particular review, system will ask the user if the return is for specific section or entire review(both goals & competencies). This will facilitate the reviewer to return a specific review section goals/competences as return could be triggered from any section. System will manage 'Need To Act' of appraiser and reviewer accordingly and display action items.


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