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EmployWise Release, Monday 24 April, 2017

5 New features added.

Performance Management System

1. Notification to appraiser after ratings are approved by reviewer

Once the ratings are approved and submitted by the reviewer and it goes to HR hold state, an email notification will be sent to appraiser notifying about the rating approval done by the reviewer.


Payroll & Taxation

1. Full and Final Report Enhancements

As per client's feedback below changes has been introduced in F&F Advice.
1. FY begins logic has been shifted from "Separation FY" to "F&F FY".
2. F&F Processing date has been introduced.
3. UX improvements
4. Blank rows has been removed.
5. Company Name & Address has been introduced.
6. YTD columns has been removed.


2. Managerial Remuneration / KMP Report Changes

Post releasing this report we have found some feedback on different columns calculation and below changes has been made in report.

1. Medical Allowance and LTA (including arrears) shouldn't be part of pay heads in KMP report
Since the details of Medical and LTA/LTC group are already captured separately in KMP report, separate pay heads of Medical Allowance and LTA should not be included again in the report.

2. Adjustment heads (LTA, Ex Gratia and Medical) will be migrated under relevant head for right calculation.


3. Addition of new location inf LWF State

We have added new state Calicut (Kerala) in lwf employers (statutory form)
LWF rule for this location is different from Kerala State hence employees whose work location is Calicut & that location has been mapped in Statutory employers then LWF deduction will be done based on this now onwards.


Compensation & Benefits

1. Description field to be added in Comp Plan for each payhead

Whenever we open payhead for employee selection like in Flexi then employee must understand the meaning of that payhead for him/her.
By adding this, it is easy to show description with payhead for better understanding of payhead and employee can choose amounts accordingly for example while submitting Flexi.

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