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EmployWise Release, Monday 27 February, 2017

4 New features added.

Payroll & Taxation

1. Paysheet and Consolidated Paysheet Enhancements

In earlier version of Paysheet we only covered all payslip heads and now onward we are incorporating below fields as well.
1. Employer Contributions
2. Third Party Payments
3. Any Perquisite Entitlement heads

How to get the report?
1) Login with access of Payroll Manager.
2) Navigate from Header Menu > Compensation > Paysheet OR Consolidated Pay Sheet
3) Select Company, Year, From Month, To Month and Generate Report.

2. KMP / Managerial Remuneration Report

This report is employee specific & shows total earning for him/her. Basis on this, Top employees gets identified who is having average salary more than defined limit & those employees names appear in Company sheets.

How to get this report?
1. Login with HR access rights.
2. Go to > Compensation > Reports > Managerial Remuneration Report & Generate Report

Travel & Expense

1. Travel Claims Enhancement in DA (Daily Allowance)

Earlier whenever we have defined attachment as mandatory in settings for Travel Claims (Expenses > Create Travel Expense Claim) then attachment is mandatory for DA as well.

Now we have made below changes in system for DA because conceptually it should not be done in case of DA Claim.
1. Attachment Non Mandatory for DA - While claiming DA now you can claim without attachment.
2. Default Payment Mode - Cash - No need to choose any payment mode. It will be cash by default hence steps are reduced while claiming DA.


1. iOS App Release Ver 1.1

Please find below key updates in this release.

1. Apply Past Attendance
2. Apply Out-on-Work Request
3. View Applied Past Attendance Request
4. View Applied Out-on-Work Request
5. Managers can Approve / Reject Out-on-Work Request

Download iOS App - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/employwise/id1191418553
Download Android App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.employwise.ggs.employwise

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