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EmployWise Release, Monday 31 October, 2016

3 New features added


1. Consolidated pay sheet for employees

Purpose of report
1) Get YTD (Yet to Date) Payouts for employees.
2) Monthly Payouts details for employees.
3) Addition of "Arrear Days" column in report.

How to get the report?
1) Login with access of Payroll Manager.
2) Navigate from Header Menu > Compensation > Consolidated Pay Sheet
3) Select Company, Year, From Month, To Month and Generate Report. 

2. Employee Provisioning Report

This report contains Employee Core Information, Flexi Groups, Ex-Gratia, Leave Encashment & Monthly breakup of each head.

Purpose of report
1) Provide provisioning amounts for employees which is mostly required in companies for financial planning.

How to get the report?
1) Login with access of Payroll Manager.
2) Navigate from Header Menu > Compensation > Reports > Employee Provisioning Report
3) Select Company, Financial Year, Month and Generate Report.

Additional Handling:
1) No need to worry if report is having lots of data. Just apply filter & click on generate report. No need to stay on the page for report. You can leave that page and later come back and you will find a link for downloading report.

Travel &Expense

1. Enhancement in process of defining Expense Types Heads applicable for Conveyance & any Other Expense Type.

What's new?
1) Updated navigation which allows you to access all expense types created on a single page itself.
2) Define new expense type without leaving screen & define parameters as per new layout.

How to access?
1) Login with access of Administrator.
2) Click on Settings from top right corner.
3) Go to Travel & Expense > Expense Types
4) Access the new design & layout of new forms.

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