Empowering Skills: Developing the Indian Youth

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jan 2-1Skill is the ability and capacity acquired through systematic effort for smoothly carrying out complex activities in an organized environment for overall profit. Strong technical skills help to understand the technological complexities which enhance efficiency in work and helps in saving money as well as time. Moreover, it takes less time for correcting the mistakes of people with organizational skills and helps in reducing frustration and stress during work which is very important for managing businesses. With the help of skills it becomes easier to win trust of the client and associate with them more prominently from the organization’s point of view.


It has become very necessary for India to train its youth and enable them to obtain skills that could be utilized to sustain the economic growth of the country. However, in India employers often need to spend extra effort and time in teaching unskilled human resources. The major problem regarding skill development in India is lack of good industry standard communication, awareness and knowledge on modern technological implementations. As India is poised to become a global economic power and huge industrial investments are following into the Indian market certain areas of concern still prevail which needs to be taken care of.

One of the major problems that India is facing in empowering the youth with skills which is due to the lack of efficient leadership. Though successive Indian governments have come up with many innovative programs to enable the skill building procedure they still lag behind. Government needs to leverage the process of skill building in such a way that it becomes accessible for all the sections of the society.

In a highly populated country like ours, the strength of workforce required to support huge industrial initiatives is tremendous but the quality aspect is always missing. One of the reasons behind the missing quality of the workforce is lack of inclusion of skill specific training along with education. Additionally, formal education may be the basic requirement to make India literate but to make it prosperous skill specific training should be encouraged aggressively.

The role of private sectors and the civil society is equally accountable as that of the government in generating a skilled workforce for the country. Private sectors should take initiatives to provide trainings through various private establishments and should work in collaboration with the government to spread awareness regarding skill specific training.

Empowering the Indian youth with industry specific skills is very crucial for the economic development of the country. With the collaborative efforts of the leaders, private sectors and civil society India can plunge into a highly modernized future supported by well skilled workforce in the various industrial organizations.

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