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Workplace Sexual Harassment

Preventing Harassment at workplace ÔÇô a cultural issueÔÇÖ is the first in a series on diversity, inclusion and harassment at the workplace. This article focuses on employer responsibility to train and educate employees on harassment at workplace. It also takes into account the cultural aspect in the Indian context.

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Performance based compensation is the variable portion of the total compensation and is paid when performance criteria are met or exceeded. Companies often tie variable compensation to individual, team or company targets. Such compensation allows companies to influence employee behavior so that they meet the specific company objectives. Creating effective performance based compensation plans can be very tricky. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you designing rules for your variable compensation. 

"I think I have this thing where everybody has to think I'm the greatest, and if they aren't completely knocked out and dazzled and slightly intimidated by me, I don't feel good about myself." ÔÇô Mr Foxy Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox is a novel by British author Roald Dahl. Mr Fox is a courageous adventurous trickster who faces impossible odds to make his near and dear ones live a happy, fruit-full life. The Human Resource (HR) manager in India does not have to act like Mr Fox. He will have to do a better job. Gone are the days when the HR manager was just the HR manager. Apart from the degree and the work experience, the HR manager has to acquaint and adapt with the six most essential skill sets for the job to survive and flourish. For the newly initiated, here are a few pointers:

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Flexi Working HoursA desire for increased productivity and a more connected company culture has prompted companies like Yahoo!, Best Buy, Bank of America and Zappos to scale back their flexible work arrangements. 

A decision like this would definitely impact the women workforce, but it is naive to believe that it would have no impact on todayÔÇÖs aspirational men. In fact the report presents some findings which actually expound all these beliefs and more.



Formal WearWhile many companies are turning to a more relaxed, casual work environment, a majority of companies in India have a strict dress code policy although there is very little employee acceptability for such enforced rules. Clothes have a way of reflecting a personÔÇÖs personality traits and at the same time there is a definite psychological influence on the wearer as well as the audience.



give rewardsPerformance management is no longer an annual event. It has become a continuous project, with or without performance management software. The need to evaluate employees regularly especially in terms of goal achievement has become vital for all companies be it big or small. Mentoring is also an integral part of any employeeÔÇÖs development and performance management plays a very important role in gauging the need and extent for coaching and guidance. However, performance management in India is still in an evolutionary stage facing multitudes of challenges.

good workplaceRecently the HBR referred to ÔÇ£the organization of your dreams.ÔÇØ It talked of a company where individual differences are nurtured; information is not suppressed or spun; the company adds value to employees, rather than merely extracting it from them. Simple enough to articulate but seemingly difficult to execute!

TodayÔÇÖs companies are so focused on their quarterly bottom lines and valuations that long term employee relationships seem to be a glaring casualty. 

It is time for HR to stand up and be counted. 


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Optimized-employee-motivationEmployee motivation is a tricky subject for most managers and organization heads. Yet it is imperative for them to handle employee motivation diligently since it forms the core for organizational success. Employee Motivation essentially means developing effective ways to recognize and applaud the contributions of your employees whereby they are encouraged to perform better and contribute more productively to their organization.



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