Enhancements in payroll and compensation module



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Enhancements in payroll and compensation module

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Monday, Dec 04, 2017 | 5 New Features Added.

Module: Payroll & Taxation

1. F&F Reopen option is available on Front End post-F&F Submission

What's new?
There are certain reasons because of that after verifying the F&F settlement, we need to reopen F&F for recomputation with some changes. Hence considering these requests we have introduced an option of Re-Opening F&F.

Payroll manager will be allowed to reopen F&F in below-mentioned cases.
1. There is no statutory deduction then the system will allow reopen at any time.
2. F&F was processed with some statutory deductions and Payroll Manager is trying to reopen after F&F processing month then the system will not allow.
3. In case 2, System will allow Payroll Manager to convert existing F&F payroll to regular payroll and post that Payroll Manager can do the F&F in the current month again.

2. Tax Proof Submission Cut Off Date and Reminder

Based of constant feedback, we have introduced a feature by which any account can define cut off date for proof submission of tax declarations and for this information Email can be triggered and multiple reminders can be set and employees can submit proofs before cut off date.

3. YTD TDS Calculation logic update for monthly payrolls

We have made monthly tax computation more logical.
Now system computes TDS for the month basis on the average tax rate but an additional check has been built which makes sure that deducted tax amount should not be greater than to be deducted Annual Tax amount. In this way, the system prevents access tax deduction in any month payroll.

Module: Compensation & Benefits

4. Flexi Group Amounts Handling in case Group Amounts gets reduced.

There are few situations when an employee's compensation gets revised and Flexigroup amount gets reduced. In this case, the system performs default allocation in the sub pay-head of this Group.

The system would reduce the amount of the residual head first and default head at the end.

5. Enhancement of Adhoc pay heads - Defining pay head value for CTC

This enhancement will provide the ability to define an amount for any “Ad Hoc pay-head” with the sole purpose of including it in employee CTC compensation computation while retaining existing the capability of the pay-head to receive a value during payroll processing as defined.

This will allow a notional value of the pay-head for CTC purpose with actual payouts and taxability continuing on the basis of actual paid amounts when these are paid.

This will provide below-mentioned changes in the product.
1. Customize employee compensation to include ad hoc pay heads in CTC.
2. Change in payroll has been done in the computation to ignore ad hoc values in compensation and proceed with ad-hoc value at the time of payroll.


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