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Enhancements in Travel & Payroll Module

Monday, Oct 23, 2017 | 6 New Features Added.

Module: Travel & Expense

1. Travel Modification and Cancellation Request Enhancements with additional workflow

Previously employee was not able to cancel/modify a travel request after either Travel advance has been issued or booking has been marked as updated by the travel desk (booker) or both. Also whenever any travel cancellation happens then such requests do not go to approval and Booker also doesn't get Need to Act request for canceling the bookings. Hence we have introduced workflow around this.

What's New:
1. Now, the employee will be able to Cancel or Modify a request even after any of these have been done.
2. Travel Cancellation will also be sent for approval, just like travel request or its modification is. The approver(s) will be same as for an original request or its modification.
3. On travel cancellation, once cancellation request is approved, Booker will not only get a notification but also get a ‘Need to Act’ action request in the home page and will be able to update cancellation of individual line items.


2. Tripwise advance return Option


Previously Accounts person couldn't adjust outstanding advances trip-wise. They were having an option by which all outstanding advances gets adjusted on FIFO basis.

What's New:
Accounts person can open any specific Travel Request in which advance has been issued and there is some outstanding advance left with the employee. In this case, accounts person will get an option of "Marking Advance as Returned". This can be done for all issued advances (multiple currencies) in this particular trip only.

3. Mobile number and Passport validation in travel request

While creating travel request there is some information which needs to be filled by an employee because that will be used by the Travel Desk while booking tickets. For example - 1) Mobile Number on which employee will receive tickets message or Travel Desk person can connect. 2) Passport Details in case of Overseas Travel

Current Functionality:
1) The system shows updated mobile number from employee’s profile while creating travel request. If it is incorrect or has changed and the employee changes it while making the travel request, it doesn't get updated in employee profile, with the result that in the next request, the same incorrect or old number used to appear again and would need to be changed again.
2) For an international trip, the employee can only view Passport Details but editing is not possible.

What's New:
1) Now, if the mobile number is entered or modified while making a travel request, it also gets updated in the Contact details in the employee profile.
2) For international trips, the employee would be able to not only view the Passport Details but also modify it and the modifications will get updated in employee’s profile as well, with or without HR approval, as the case might be as per settings defined in EmployWise. In case if Passport details are not updated in employee profile then it will be mandatory for the employee to update the details for an overseas travel.

4. Currency conversion tracking

Current Functionality:
Currently, System doesn't track the source of the currency which was being used in any expense claim.

What's New:
Now we have started tracking all of the forex currency sources which can track back and tell us the original source of the currency. We have made API changes as well as capturing this data.


Module: Payroll & Taxation

5. Payroll Status Tracking

When payroll manager starts running payroll, there is no provision by which they can see the status of payroll. Hence we have created a dashboard which will give you the summary of all ongoing payroll along with Status.

How to use this?
1. Login as Payroll Manager.
2. Go to Compensation > Payroll > Manage Payroll
3. You can see below details for any payroll which is in draft mode. - Rule Name, Month & type, Status, Details

6. CTC Claims on basis of pay-head balance

Employees were not able to claim because specific pay-head is not applicable to the employee but it may happen that balances are still available which employee wants to claim like LTC Claim of Previous FY.

What's New:
We have introduced a customize claim process which will allow users to claim for whom they are having balance despite being that head is not on employee compensation. Payroll process to incorporate the same logic for processing claim at the time of payroll.



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