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Enhancements in Travel & Expense Module - Part 2

Monday, Oct 30, 2017 | 12 New Features Added.

Module: Travel & Expense

1. Additional Payment Modes has been introduced

What's New:

As per new trend in the market, there are lots of other payment options are available nowadays, hence we have added below payment options while creating any expense line items.
1. Net Banking
2. Debit Card
3. Wallets

2. Tracking of comments before re-apply action by the employee

Whenever employee re-apply for any travel request then all of the previous comments which was entered while reconsidering the request gets lost.

The system will keep track of all of these comments and will be shown throughout the travel request to all of the action takers.

3. View of employee's eligibility while approving travel request

The manager can only see the deviation part along with the reason provided by the employee.

Approver would be able to see the "Eligibility" of the employee as well for approval decision support.

4. Tripwise outstanding advance details will be shown.

Approver / Accounts Person / Payer - Can only see total outstanding advances of all currency but there is no provision by which they would be able to see advances details trip-wise.

Approver / Accounts Person / Payer would be able to see all outstanding advances trip-wise.

How can I see this?
1. Login as Approver / Accounts Person / Payer
2. Open any Travel Request for which any advance is pending.
3. Look at the right side section where the total outstanding amount is visible.
4. Click on the hyperlink (Total Amount).

5. Changes in Bank Advice Report for Expense Claims

What's New:
An additional column of "Employee Status" has been added in this Report. This will contain data points.
- Active
- Alumni
- Separating"

How to access this report?
1. Login as HR.
2. Go to Expense > Reports > Expense Report
3. Choose relevant filters and download the report.

6. Changes in Travel API

What's New:

Below fields has been added to API.
1. All forex details tracking
2. Advance Returned Details
3. Advance Recovery Details

7. Changes in Expense API

What's New:

Below fields has been added to API.
1. Adjusted advances details
2. Travel Type - Domestic / International flag

8. "Delegate" option for Travel Desk member

Sometimes it is required that a travel desk person is not in a position to book tickets for example - High Fare amount flights. In this case, an additional approval is required from a senior member in the team and post-confirmation, he/she can take any action.

What's New:
1. Any travel desk member will be having an option of "Delegate" (configuration based).
2. Clicking on this button, the system will ask to search an employee to whom he/she wants to delegate this request.
3. Post employee selection, a mandatory comment needs to be entered by the travel desk person.
4. click on submit, this booking request will be allocated to the new person to whom this request has been delegated.
5. This new person can either take an action like reconsider, booking confirmed etc. or delegate back to any person with comments.

Module: Payroll & Taxation

9. Outstanding travel advances recovery using payroll

As per company policies, it is required that if an employee doesn't settle any travel advance amount within x days then the system should recover such amount from the payroll directly.

What's New:
Now EmployWise is capable of recovering outstanding travel advances using EmployWise Payroll.
You just need to define no. of days after which system will schedule the recovery of such outstanding amounts.

10. Employee Separation Workflow Enhancement

What's New:
"Functional Supervisor" option has been added to the second level approval workflow.

11. Employee Confirmation Process Enhancement

As per various company's need, there are some conditions in which company doesn't want managers to recommend confirmation in different conditions.

What's New:
HR users can define the set up with the below-mentioned option which will not allow any manager to recommend any employee.

1. Based on No. of Questions Rating given by L1 Approver below x. Example - If any manager is giving the 2-star rating in more than 5 questions then the system will not allow the manager to recommend. 2-star and 5 questions are variable and can be configured as per company policy.
2. Based on Overall Rating below x." Example - if any manager gives the rating to an employee in such a way that employee's overall rating becomes 2.87 which is less than 3 then system will not allow the manager to recommend this employee. 3 rating is a variable and can be configured as per company policy.

12. Contract expiry notification

What's New:
There are lots of employees works in a company on contract hence there is a need that HR should be notified before x days of contract expiry date for renewal of the contract.

How to setup?
1. Login as HR.
2. Settings > Employee Portal > Escalation Alerts
3. Contract Expiry Alerts can be set from here.


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