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Hire to Retire



Team Leader / Manager


HR Manager


New Employee / Team Member

Recruitment Stage

John needs to hire a new
employee in his Team. He adds
a request for a new hire.

As John interviews he stores his feedback on each candidate.

John evaluates all the candidates and selects Jane for the position.

To help John hire, Neel Publishes this Request- Company Website, Recruitment Agencies, Internal Job Postings, Employee referrals.

Neel refers to a centralised repository to review all the applications and shortlist potential candidates.

Neel schedules Interviews for the shortlisted candidates with John and keeps all the candidates Informed at all times.

Neel sends offer to Jane.

Employees send referrals or
nominate colleagues for open job

Potential Candidates respond to
External Job Postings via Recruitment
genies or Company Website. Jane is
one of them.

Potential Employees respond to Internal Job postings.

Jane accepts the offer and agrees on a Date of Joining.

On-Boarding & Induction

John uses the Employee database
to review profiles of all the direct
reporting employees. John may
also have access to other teams or
the entire company details if his
level allows that access.

Set up Grades, Levels, Roles, Designations & Team Structure at Company Level.

Neel creates a new profile for Jane in the Employee Database that is mapped to her grade, level, designation, job role & reporting. Jane is now officially a new hire in JohnÔÇÖs Team.
Neel accesses the Employee database, update or reviews all the changes automatically updated in the Employee Files.

Employees know about other employees & their team members-employees who have birthday or anniversary, any company announcements and resources through the employee database. When Jane joins she will also have access to this database.

Leave & Attendance

John may be required to define
shifts, working hours, weekly days
off or his team and manage
Employee Roster.

John reviews and approves any On Duty or past Attendance Request Jane sends. He can also view reports on the attendance records for the rest of his team.

John approves JaneÔÇÖs Leave

Neel Sets up system to capture Attendance defines days off and company holidays for the organisation.
Neel gets alerts for unauthorised absences and to take termination related actions.

Review & Update Leave, Attendance Policies.

When Jane begins work her
attendance gets captured every
day through biometric machines,
mark ins from the systems,SMS
or MS Excel upload.

Jane receives alerts when she has a lag in her attendance and request or regularise their attendance through On Duty and Past Attendance requests.

Jane can also review her Leave Balance and Apply for Leave.

John defines Projects that are billable/non-billable, the work breakdown structure for each project, assigns Teams, Tasks, to projects Projects,

John reviews and approves Time sheets for all direct reports. The Billable hours put in by her team automatically get consolidated.

Jane gets assigned to a project.
She can also plan her work in

Jane logs actual Time spent on each task for a project in her Time heets

Compensation & Benefits

John can review the entire cost of his department - By Location, By Grade, Level and Roles.

Review & Update Compensation & Benefits Policies.

Neel maintains employees compensation structure & benefit claim entitlements and tracks any compensation changes. He also sets up the Payroll Process that automatically integrates with Leave &a

Jane can review her Salary structure and Compensation & benefits entitlement. She can submit her investment declarations and review her tax liability.also claim the benefits she is entitled for

When Jane gets paid she can download her payslip.

Travel & Expenses

John approves JaneÔÇÖs Travel booking Request and advance requirement.

John reviews and approves JaneÔÇÖs Expense statement and Claims.

Review & Update Claims & Expense Policies.

When Jane travels for a project, she requests for Travel bookings and Advances.

Jane Submits her Expense Statements and Claims.

Performance Assessment & New Role

John conducts Performance Assessment & Review for his direct reports.

Neel sets up Performance Review Method and Frequency for the
organisation to receives a 360 degree feedback from employees, managers, peers, customers.

Neel reviews all performance reviews through a graphical dashboard and uses the normalisation curve to balance any increment changes.  Neel can also opt for a 9 box grid.

Jane does self assessment on her performance.

Jane gets an increment and promotion based on her performance.

Training & Development

System  identifies competencies Gaps ,John also Requests Business Skill Training for his team members.

Neel plans and Sets up Skill Training Schedule based on the identified Gaps and needs. Neel calendars keeping a tab of the training budgets.

Jane requests Skill Training for Self Development.


John receives & accepts JaneÔÇÖs resignation and approves her Exit.

Neel processes JaneÔÇÖs Clearance for her smooth exit. He also captures JaneÔÇÖs feedback before she leaves.

Jane grows with the company. In time decides to move on & submits her resignation.

Jane leaves the Company creating need for a new Hire in JohnÔÇÖs Team.