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Hiring Module Enhancements - May, 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018 | 6 New Features Added.

Module: Employee Hiring

1. Tags in Hiring Event

What has been done?

Employwise gives the flexibility to define email content for each action which sends a notification to the receiver.
We have added relevant tags which allows HR to add in the email template and the notification data gives more contextual information in the email.

2. Consultant Search

What has been done?

While publishing a job on the portal and HR wish to share this job with selected consultant then it was a little complex task. Now we have introduced a feature of searching consultant. This helps HR in multiple selection of consultants without going to next screen.

3. Additional Stage of Document Submission before offer creation in Hiring

What is the need?

Before generating offer letter, companies want to verify basic documents before proceeding like Last company salary slips, compensation structure, Graduation mark sheets etc.
Hence there is a need for capturing such documents before generating an offer letter.

What are the changes?

We have introduced a functionality which allows HR to define a stage before Make Offer. This stage is called "Document Submission" Stage. HR can define the different category and can capture various documents at this stage.
Stage Owner would also be able to Verify these documents and in case of any issues, documents can be returned to the candidate back.
Once all of the required documents are verified then the only candidate can be moved to the next stage.

4. Enhancement in the RFR applicant details report

Additional fields have been added:
1. Last CTC
2. Offer Band

This data will be used to check that what is the compa ratio and what should be offered to the candidate and it there is any deviation then it should be visible upfront.

Offer Band will show the following Values as follows:

If compa Ratio is 95 to 105 %, it will be Mean
If compa Ratio is below 95 %, it will be Low
If compa Ratio is above 105%, it will be High

Module: Employee Information Portal

5. Welcome Email enhancements

1. Employee Email id tag has been added.
2. Character Limit to Welcome Email template has been increased to 2000 characters now.

6. Enable capability of including Logo Tag in letter templates

Now, while generating letters, clients can now add Company Logo Tag as well which can be printed.



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