How to Add Value As A Strategic Business Partner?

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Unknown“Strategic Business Partner” is a controversial term that is used frequently, these days and the obvious reason is the never-changing perspective of managers towards HR department. Most of the managers in an organization see HR professionals as an obstacle in their business, but the truth is, an effective HR department can really add value to businesses. So what is important for HR to keep away from this “pain in the neck” perception?

Well, the solution is very clear. For adding value to business, it is fundamental for HR department to become proactive in the strategic process. This can include recruitments, retaining employees, organizational achievement, developing leadership capability, focusing on Business Acumen, Business Literacy and much more.


The Strategic Process

Both, HR practitioners and professionals should play their parts in corporate strategic planning process and should actively participate in understanding the business needs. In addition to this, they should give attention to the corporate agenda for sustaining HR as strategic partners. They should focus upon some key factors for ensuring their role in organization’s strategic process.

• For maintaining the competitive advantage, an organization must possess some capabilities. HR department should recognize these capabilities.

• Staff members need to have some knowledge and skills to fruitfully execute the business strategy. HR should identify these requirements.

• There should be an agenda for the HR department to follow. This agenda should talk about how HR can help the business to grow and success.


The Best Practice-Adding Strategic Value

While developing employees is a fundamental aspect for HR professionals to focus-on, recruitments and retaining talent in the company for longer time span is again a strategic key to company’s future. Frequent performance review and identifying the potential of workers are important when considering strategic growth.

Moreover, organizations should try to balance the ability of an employee to provide good results outlined in the plan by appreciating their individual potential for better growth. Along with these practices, HR professionals should give attention to Business Acumen so as to have a deep understanding of the fact that how their decisions will affect other department of the organization. This will not only help the company to measure individual performance, but also reinforce strategic objectives

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