How to Create the Best Workplace

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good workplaceRecently the HBR referred to “the organization of your dreams.” It talked of a company where individual differences are nurtured; information is not suppressed or spun; the company adds value to employees, rather than merely extracting it from them. Simple enough to articulate but seemingly difficult to execute!

Today’s companies are so focused on their quarterly bottom lines and valuations that long term employee relationships seem to be a glaring casualty. 

It is time for HR to stand up and be counted. 


To have a permanent seat at the CXO table.  This will happen when they can demonstrate the long term effects of creating an organization culture where people see that their personal growth is aligned to the company’s vision.  When they feel that what they do is worthwhile not just for the company top and bottom lines but because of the socio-economic impact that their company’s business has. 

A number of short and long term metrics need to be monitored for this to happen.  We need to examine our methodology for measuring employee satisfaction.  Are we asking the right questions?  Questions that can sensitively measure people’s attitudes to their work and their company’s impact?  We then need to study the correlation between company performance and the newly defined employee satisfaction to gain insight into the inter-dependence of these two variables. 

So how do we arrive at sensitive measures of employee satisfaction that are data driven?  The starting point is employee transactional data and the insight that they afford us.  In terms of attrition, reasons for separation, growth trends in compensation relative to economic indicators and performance trends.  Maintaining dashboards and correlating these to periodic, well-designed employee sat surveys is the cornerstone of understanding how people can become the bridge between an organization’s ambition and its performance.  It has the added benefit of bringing your company closer to being the organization of its employees’ dreams.

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