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Self Sefvice PortalHR being the resourceful department first used employee self-service portals as a cost cutting method.  With the surge in technology, these SSPs are emerging as the new generation tools and proving to be contributors to productivity and greater employee satisfaction.


wpid-question-markWriting this is an attempt to share my views and experiences collected after making a decision to be in the field of HR. I will just rattle out some thoughts on various things which matter when one is at the campus and thinking over HR career in general and placements in specific.


jan 2-1Skill is the ability and capacity acquired through systematic effort for smoothly carrying out complex activities in an organized environment for overall profit. Strong technical skills help to understand the technological complexities which enhance efficiency in work and helps in saving money as well as time. Moreover, it takes less time for correcting the mistakes of people with organizational skills and helps in reducing frustration and stress during work which is very important for managing businesses. With the help of skills it becomes easier to win trust of the client and associate with them more prominently from the organization’s point of view.


image_miniThe nature of Human Resource Management System is dynamic and widely fragmented which makes it difficult to follow a certain pattern of function. Due to the lack of any set rules and regulations to follow, it is obvious for the industry to face challenges considering its tremendous growth in the past few years. Expert research teams including industry players have made an approximation of 21% growth in last 4 years in India. Following are a few day-to-day challenges that HR industry is struggling to overcome:   

hr-audit-approachWhen we say that a business has to run successfully, it is not just about making money out of it, but there are various processes that should work in a balanced way. Now, this can include a happy workplace, employee satisfaction, performance management and many other aspects. When Human Resource department in an organization takes substantial steps to ensure that such processes work in a balanced manner leading to the achievement of organizational goals every year, it is called systematic HR practices.     

delopFor any organization to achieve a competitive advantage over its competitors, it is crucial to make good investments in Human Resources. This not only facilitates organizations to produce skillful and productive employees, but also retains the loyalty in them. And if you are really looking forward to long term gains, then investing in human capital can really prove fruitful.


Unknown“Strategic Business Partner” is a controversial term that is used frequently, these days and the obvious reason is the never-changing perspective of managers towards HR department. Most of the managers in an organization see HR professionals as an obstacle in their business, but the truth is, an effective HR department can really add value to businesses. So what is important for HR to keep away from this “pain in the neck” perception?


These days, we hear the term HR Business Partner very often, but still some people misapprehend with the term. These people bring specialties to the organization in one or the other way. From aligning HR & business strategy to managing transformations & changes, these HR partners take care of various responsibilities and make sure that they meet their key business priorities.

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