HR Technology Predictions & Action Plans for 2013

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HR technology has undergone modifications with different and newer inclusions in the year 2012. Moreover, the interest levels of HR managers have also increased as they want to make more use of evolving technologies to succeed in their business goals. Based on the achievements and progress in the last year new predictions and implementable action plans for better Human Resource Management(HRM) have come up for the New Year.


Predictions on HR Technology for the Year 2013

• There has been a stiff increase in the acceptance for cloud based products like the SaaS software as these evolving technologies are becoming important day by day for solving the HR issues. Fortunately, improved customizations are proving to be beneficial for supporting the functionalities that come along with the better cloud based technology. In the coming years more investment will be done on SaaS based HR automation products in order to improvise the ways HR functions.
• Repositories of employee master data will be maintained in a much better way in the coming year. More effective qualitative management of the master data will be done. New and innovative solutions will come up for managing the quality of employee data.
• In the coming year organizations will dedicate their efforts to more output oriented campaigns for ensuring a better impactful business. Analytic tools will be merged with HR software to measure HR procedures effectively.
• Performance evaluations and management has become a major issue for business organizations. Newer ways will be adopted this year to guide the employees to proceed with enhanced goal settings through better performance monitoring.
• More and more interactive environment will be ensured in different organizations where employees can be engaged through internal social networks.


Action Plans for the Year 2013

• Organizations need to have a well-planned strategy which is more concentrated towards talent management. Strategy building should be given the first priority before technology comes into the picture if organizations have to succeed.
• Business decisions of the management and personal decisions of the employee should be supported by clear data collected through analytic tools. Whatsoever, everything should be strategically planned based on accurate data to avoid any confusion while executing business procedures.
• Unnecessary spending should be avoided but the gross capital and net profits should be managed in procuring modern and high tech systems for replacing the old systems.

An effective organizational strategy depends upon how well the employee performance is managed with the best implementation of technology procured with the reasonable expenditure. The year 2013 will indeed see various changes in the ways that organizations commit to a better future with effective and well strategized Human Resource Management.

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