Importance of Emotional Intelligence

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 Leadership qualities like vision, intellect and authority are important for success but they are not sufficient. Daniel Goleman emphasized on the effects of Emotional Intelligence in his first book published in 1995. He introduced and explained about the role of emotional intelligence in relevance to business productivity.

As much as the IQ and technical ability of a leader is vital in the success of an organization, it is also essential to have certain level of understanding and empathy towards employees. A highly skilled executive might not necessarily excel in a leaders’ role for lack of qualities that define a leader.

These soft skills help a leader to relate to his employees and create grounds for easy and open communication. Following are the five elements of emotional intelligence:


• Self- awareness

• Self- regulation

• Motivation

• Empathy

• Social Skills

An emotionally intelligent person possesses the above qualities, which makes him aware of his emotions, and gives him a sense of calmness to think before reacting to any situation. It also gives him an advantage to resolve conflicts and disruptive behavior at workplace with ease.

Large MNCs like Lucent technologies, British Airways etc. hire psychologists to analyze the personal qualities of leaders and executives at lower levels and decide what drives employees to outstanding performances. The capabilities were divided into 3 categories: purely technical skills, cognitive abilities and competencies demonstrating emotional intelligence. The psychologists separated people based on high-end performers and average performers. These people were interviewed and tested and the results produced were surprising to many.

As per the results, intellect drives the star performances, cognitive abilities like vision and strategic planning were also important for organizational growth. However, the startling discovery was that emotional intelligence proved twice as important as any other category. An employee or executive may be highly educated and well trained; all the skills to finish a job successfully cannot make a person a great leader if he is not emotionally intelligent

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