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Mobile and Employee Hiring Module Enhancements - May, 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018 | 2 New Features Added.

Module: Mobile

1. Help Desk Feature launched in Mobile App

Now, the employee can raise an issue to EmployWise Support team right from App.


1. Update the Android / iOS app from the respective store.
2. Login with your credentials.
3. You will find an option in the left menu and top bar "Raise an issue".
4. A form will appear and you need to submit your issue to the team and our customer support team will care about these issues.

Module: Employee Hiring

2. Resume Parsing


Resume of any candidate can be submitted by candidate itself or by HR. Once Resume gets uploaded, candidate / HR needs to fill other mandatory fields manually. Now we have simplified this process. Once resume gets uploaded, The system will parse the resume and all possible fields available in the form will get auto-filled from the resume. Now HR/Candidate just need to verify the details and click on Submit.


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