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New Changes in Payroll, Compensation, Leave & Attendance, and Separation Modules

Monday, Aug 14, 2017 | 5 New Features Added.

Module: Payroll & Taxation

1. Provisioning and KMP Managerial Report Update

Provisioning Report - Purpose & Report accessibility, Please refer below link (Point 2).

KMP / Managerial Report - Purpose & Report accessibility, Please refer below link (Point 2).

What has changed:

Let's understand this change by an example:
An employee joins on 25th Mar 2016 and payroll of Mar 2016 has already run on 23-Mar-2016.
Now at the end of March when provisioning report data will be calculated, this employee data will not be reflected.

Now, whenever this arrear amount of Mar-2016 will be paid in the next FY, at that time the system will add this amount to opening balance as well. This way the system will match all the amount of an employee.

Similar records have been updated in KMP / Managerial Report too.


2. "Declaration documents" view option has been added in HR View Rights


This new capability allows the HR to download and view the attached proofs of tax declaration by any employee.

HR Access Rights Change - Purpose & how to make changes, Please refer below link (Point 2).


Module: Compensation & Benefits

3. Update in Cut off date logic of Medical Insurance & Flexi Submission


We have updated the logic of cut off date based on some generic requirement. Please consider below cases: 

1. Employee joins organization in mid year
Cut off date will be decided based on DOJ + x days.

2. Employee compensation updated in new FY
Cut off date will be decided based on the date on which new compensation has been defined + x days.


Module: Leave & Attendance

4. Encashable leave balance count in "Leave Balance" screen


Recently we have introduced a new feature of showing lapsing leaves count at the end of leave year. There are some cases where company auto encashes such leaves at the end of leave year. Hence we have started showing such auto encash leave balance count.

How to access:

1. Login in EmployWise.
2. Go to Leave > Leave Balances
3. Look at the column "Balance will lapse at year-end".
4. An employee would be able to see the count of encashable leaves.

Please note that this will only be visible if the HR has set lapsing leaves setting as "Auto Encash".


Module: Employee Separation

5. Changes related to Notice Period Waiver Approval

What has changed:

Below changes have been introduced in EmployWise.

1. HR will get "Notification" & "Need to Act" action when manager approves "Waiver" for any separation request of an employee.
2. HR can take action on "Approve / Reject Waiver" just after receiving the above notification till F&F process gets started.
3. Full and Final Process will make sure that HR has taken action on such requests otherwise the F&F process will not start.


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