Performance Appraisal, the Necessary Evil

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Performance appraisal has always been deemed as part of performance management, due to the fact that it was the only window a company could employ to understand the performance and manage resources bestowed on its employees.

But rather than posing itself as part of performance management, the fact remains that’s its only a tool to manage performance.

Performance appraisal is known for its inflammable nature, which might turn relationship between the manager and his subordinates into ashes. It proved a hostile environment for talent recognition and earned itself a contemplation to extinguish it completely from the pages of performance management.

But recognizing talent remains a crucial aspect in a company’s step towards its growth, it’s imperative to seek out an employee’s forte and reference it with the competencies required. Therefore it’s apt to label performance appraisal as necessary evil.

In retrospect, a survey done among fifty firms concluded that all of them adopted some model of performance management, while it had worked for some but others had to rethink their model or to discard the appraisal system. Performance management lays out the canvas to paint a more efficient organization. It sets the goals and provides the talent and workforce requirements with a great deal of specificity.

The success of the model adopted relies on the way it’s sold in the company. The theme is to be objective. Goals need to be transparent and clear and should be conveyed to the employee’s without any degree of ambiguity. Lately conventional review systems are being discarded and a more employee friendly reviews are being conducted. It’s religiously followed and the cycle continues every year. It helps the employee to understand their strengths and aids the company to align these strengths towards the betterment of the organization.

When a working model has been discovered, the company switches gear and takes off in stealth mode towards the destination of growth. When competencies and employee strengths are aligned, a profound sense of worthiness blooms within the workforce which yields more productivity and harvests a better profit for the company.

Therefore rather than criticizing and curbing the appraisal system it’s advisable to make it in a way that covers all the facets of performance management system such as goal setting, performance feedback and goal based appraisals.

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