Pointers for Managing Interns

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Optimized-internCome April there is a set of activities you have as pending and a set of students awaiting to clear it off and submit their project reports. 

Interns can do more good, than bad. They bring in fresh perspective at low costs. Besides, it’s a great chance to help someone be an efficient employee. Internship can we a rewarding tenure for both company and students. So, how to go about it?


• Definite Job Description: This is especially critical for interns as it provides a legal frame work, & if you are looking at unpaid internship, apart from the mandate that your company cannot benefit from the intern, there’re other strict guidelines to qualify. The best is a paid internship which is flexible and offers a wide range of candidates while they add value to your business.

• Begin from the Beginning: Clearly define the work, address dress codes, iPod Volume, start times, TMI conversation etc. to maintain a healthy working relationship. Remember your time as a novice? Now, Empathize!

• Assign Real Projects: The purpose of an internship is to provide the candidate a working-knowledge of business. Involve them positively in the on-going projects. Take them on a sales call or assign them tasks they can independently handle. Introduce them to clients, so your clients won’t anticipate perfection every time.

• Do Not Guarantee Only Interesting Work: Every work encompasses an interesting aspects and non-interesting “chores”. So, mix it with filing and other boring yet necessary stuff to give them a hang of it. They need to get used to it too, if they are getting paid!

• Give Feedback: It is important to tell the interns precisely what is good & what wasn’t. Be constructive so as to help them improve & avoid being finicky. Remember, they are new and here to learn.

• Best Grades Do Not Matter: What you really want is someone who’s interested. Grades do not guarantee that. So, look for enthusiastic and proactive students. If they have good grades, it is a bonus!

• Reference: For an intern his or her direct manager would be the best reference they could get. So, you would have to be honest and tell them whether they are good or bad. However, do not “grade” them on par with your experienced employees. Do give them the benefit of doubt.

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