Pay As You Go

Price Starts at just ₹125

Pay for what you use, when you use!

Our pricing model is designed to allow our customers to get the maximum possible value from the product as per their HR needs. You needn't pay for the complete stack, pay for only for the modules you use. If you wish, you can start with basic modules and add functionality as your need for HR automation grows.
EmployWise also allows you to choose which modules to use for which employees. While the core module is a necessary subscription, you can choose to for instance, subscribe to Travel & Expense for one set of employees only and Recruitment for another. There is no minimum billing commitment; you can add or remove users in the system and will be charged only for the active users per module.
As the number of your users or the number of modules you are subscribed to increases, our automatic volume based discounts kick in. Therefore, the more you use, the lesser you pay per employee per month!
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What you save when you use EmployWise

Zero Capital Expenditure

No investment in expensive hardware and installation costs.

Zero AMC / Maintenance Fee

The application stays up and running without any additional cost for you to bare

No Expensive Implementation Consulting

Our team of Functional Consultants implements the software for you!

No Extra Cost for Product Upgrades

We release new features every week, and you get the benefit of an enhanced, updated product at no extra cost.

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