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Wednesday, 12 November 2014 00:00 Written by
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automating hr-2In a world dominated by Facebook and LinkedIn, there is no doubt that the Human Resource department, as we know it, needs to evolve. HR mainly comprises of two important objectives – personnel management and business execution. Personnel management has become completely automated, as a result of which, the services that needed face-to-face interactions earlier are now online anywhere and anytime thanks to web-based HRMS which offers ‘self-service tools’. Business execution has also become a round-the-year continuous process as it is easy to map individual goals and align it with the company’s strategic goals with the help of an effective employee management system.


HR, as we know it, is dying a slow death? No instead, it is slowly becoming a more powerful, significant and strategic unit for any company as the various processes are getting streamlined and updated data is available to the HR manager 24/7 for informed decision-making process to drive employee as well as company growth.

High-performing companies can now free their Human Resource team from transactional functions to focus on processes that support business execution like re-planning company goals, organization design, career progression, succession planning and goal alignment. These areas have been traditionally neglected in India till now but with the benefit of HR software, managers can accurately plan the training, development and coaching activities. They will also get more time to monitor employees through continuous activities and three sixty degrees feedback which can assist in identifying the right candidates for rewards and promotions.

One of my previous blogs dealt with the importance of applying technology in HR functions and I will say it again- “Technology has made it impossible for the Human Resource Manager to function the same way it did ten years back”. But technology in itself is not enough. It needs to be driven by the HR manager to make it more relevant and effective. Chuck Palahnuik, American journalist, once said, “right now, getting killed would be redundant”. I don’t know about him but it certainly holds true for HR in India right now. 

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