Social Media Recruitment – Getting Beyond the Hype

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social_media_hypeOne of the fastest ways to communicate in the digital world is social media. With more and more websites allowing young and old people to communicate with each other at any time and from any place has made quite a craze for it. In recruitment industry, technology has taken a center stage with e-recruitment making hiring simpler and faster. However, the question is, "Is social media same as e-recruitment?" or "Social Networking sites may not be the most appropriate place to recruit". Let's find out the reasons why social media might not be the best place to recruit:-

1. Lack of credibility:

There is not much scope of verification of identity and authenticity on social media sites. Anyone can create an account on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. People can write any information and others can comment on it, without checking the factual value of the matter.

2. Refining professionals from millions of user accounts:

There are people from every age group in social networking sites. From school and college students to old retired people. Many people are there only to friends and family for fun. It is not a simple task to find out the required professionals from millions of users logging into the website. Although few professional sites like LinkedIn is an exception.

3. Return on Investment:

It is not free to post a job as a company on social media and the results may not be satisfactory as any number of people will take a chance at it without having the desired qualifications or certifications. The time spent by a recruiter to sort the applications from social media to find qualified resumes and the cost put into posting a job will not give the organization desired return on investment.

4. Marketing and Branding:

With a huge number of audiences it is a risky place to brand your organization. Either you should be very well prepared or it might turn into a disaster with your employer, candidates as well as present and future clients watching you take the wrong step.

5. No Privacy:

Social media as the name suggests does exactly that: socialize. People connect to friends, family and strangers and share personal information. Everyone can see what anyone is talking to others, and this might easily create a situation where you'll end up displaying information not suitable to share with your employer or candidate. This can ruin your reputation and hinder the process of recruitment.

Social media has created too much hype and generated curiosity for people to try it once. However, when it comes to using it for recruitment, it might not be the best place. Due to lack of credibility for the information floating on the web, it becomes dangerous for a recruiter to hire from social networking sites.

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