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Enhancements in the Employee Information Portal Module- 06-July-2020

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Monday, July 06, 2020 | 1 New Feature Added

Module: Employee Information Portal

1. Addition of an option to send anniversary & birthday alerts to all employees

In EmployWise it is possible to configure a notification to send an alert to an employee, the employee’s manager, or the employee’s ERO on the employee’s birthday, date of joining, or wedding anniversary if the notifications have been configured.

An enhancement now allows the alerts to be configured to be sent to all employees.

Please get in touch with the EmployWise Support team to have this alert configured for your organization.



Enhancements in Payroll and Taxation Module - 29-June-2020

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Monday, June 29, 2020 | 1 New Feature Added.

Module: Payroll and Taxation 

1. Bank Advice generated after Payroll Run now includes IFSC code for each employee

A new feature allows the Payroll Manager to get each employee’s IFSC code on the downloaded bank advice after the monthly Payroll is run. 

When they choose the Make Payments option in the Compensation drop-down menu following which the payment is confirmed, the bank advice appears in excel format on the screen. This now includes a column with the IFSC code for each employee.

The employee needs to update their bank account details in Employee Profile with the IFSC code for it to be visible on the bank advice otherwise, it will appear blank. Bank account details and the IFSC code can also be updated by anyone who has the rights to update compensation. 


Enhancements in Employee Separation Module - 15-June-2020

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Monday, June 15, 2020 | 2 New Features Added

Module: Employee Separation

1. Option to have Last Working Day computed as per Notice Period default as the Relieving Date.

A new feature has been added to the EmployWise separation setup which now makes the computed relieving date as per the notice period available to separation request approvers as the agreed relieving date. Currently, by default, the separation request approver sees the relieving date actually requested by the employee to approve as the agreed relieving date. 

The option that has been added gives the approver a date calculated as per the notice period to approve as the agreed relieving date for the employee requesting separation. In this case, the approver will also see the requested relieving date. 

In both cases, the approver can change the agreed relieving date as per their discretion. 

Please get in touch with the EmployWise Support team if you need to have this option configured.


2. Option to have a Mandatory Document Upload in case of Notice Shortfall in a Separation Request

 An option has been added which, if configured, will make it mandatory for a separating employee to upload a supporting document if there is a shortfall in the required notice period.

Please get in touch with the EmployWise Support team if you need to have this option configured.


Enhancements in Employee Onboarding Module - 08-June-2020

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Monday, June 08, 2020 | 1 New Feature Added.

Module: Employee Onboarding

1. The new hire needs to provide basic employee information for further usage of software to complete the Onboarding process

When a new employee logs into their EmployWise portal for the first time, they are introduced to the onboarding wizard on their screen which requires the basic employee information to be filled in by the new employee in various categories: Contact, Education, Experience, Personal, Emergency, Documents, and Forms. These tabs may vary as per organizational needs. 

After filling in the details by the new employee, the HR then approves this information in their profile. We now have an option to make it mandatory for the employee to fill these details and until they are not filled in by the employee, they are restricted from using other features of the software.


Enhancements in Performance Management System - 01-June-2020

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Monday, June 01, 2020 | 2 New Features Added

Module: Performance Management System

1. Addition of the KRA/Goal Weightage in the list view of the Goal Sheet under Performance Management System

In EmployWise PMS the list view illustration of goals/KRAs now displays weightages against each goal/KRA which is accessible to the Appraiser/Appraisee/Reviewer/HR. They can view the details of the Goal Sheet by clicking on the List View option. They can see each key result area along with its target and ratings as well when the ratings are complete.


The addition of the Weightage on the List view provides a consolidated view of the Goal Sheet to correlate and analyze the significance of each goal/KRA in an easy to read format. 



2. The Appraisee will directly be taken to the Goal Sheet during Goal Setting 

In order to start the goal-setting process, the appraisee can either select Set Goals by clicking on the Need To Act option available on the homepage of the EmployWise Portal or select the My Plan option under the Performance tab. 


The new feature will now direct the Appraisee to the Goal Sheet and not the Overview screen during the process of Goal Setting, after following either of the above steps.


Changes in Payroll & Taxation Module - 25-May-2020

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Monday, May 25, 2020 | 1 New Feature Added.

Module: Payroll & Taxation

1. Government Notification regarding Provident Fund - Relief in

Through its notification no. S.O.1503(E)  dated 18-May 2020, the Government of India has announced a relaxation in EPF norms.

The salient features of this scheme are as follows:

- Any establishment, other than Central Public Sector Enterprises and State Public Sector Enterprises and other establishments owned by, or under the control of the Central Government or the State Government, can choose to make PF contributions of both Employee and Employer at 10% instead of at 12% for the specific months of May, June, and July, 2020.

- The company can choose to not avail of the scheme and continue to make contributions at the current higher rate of 12% also.

- There is no change in the EPF administrative charges (0.5% of EPF wages subject to minimum prescribed) and EDLI contributions (0.5% of wages) both payable by employers. 

Implementation in EmployWise

This change is being implemented in EmployWise and the following are various aspects of this implementation:

- The organizations which choose to avail the 10% scheme, should inform the EmployWise support team and the same will be enabled. 

- If selected, the option will be applicable for all companies of the account.

- If selected, the option will be applicable to both Employer and Employee contributions. 

- If selected, the system will compute the PF contributions of both employee and employer at 10% of defined wages, for the months of May-July, 2020. 

- If there are any arrears for months prior to May, 2020 they will be computed at 12% only.

- The rate applicable will change back to 12% from the months of August, 2020 onwards. But in those months, if there are any arrears for the period of May-July, 2020 , they will be computed at 10% for organizations which had opted for the scheme.

- The EPF Admin and EDLI contributions will continue to be computed as currently.

- From the Employer PF contribution, the EPS component will continue to be computed as currently and the remaining will go to EPF.

- Since this is a temporary scheme, there will be no impact of the 10% reduction on the CTC valuation. For CTC purposes, the Employer PF contribution will continue to be valued at 12% of applicable wages. This will be both for existing employees as well as any new employees that may join subsequently.

- Organisations who want to opt for the scheme MUST inform The EmployWise support team immediately and certainly before their May 2020 payroll is run. 

- Changes to the option exercised (whether opting for the scheme or not opting) will not be possible after the May 2020 payroll.


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