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Enhancement in Talent Acquisition Module 05-January-2021

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Monday, January 05, 2021 | 1 New Feature Added

1. CTC Calculator Enhancements

  • A provision has been made to capture input heads such as Performance Linked Incentive or Variable Pay along with the CTC value

  • Formulae can now be defined to compute a head’s value as CTC less the input value heads. For e.g., Basic = 30% of (CTC - Variable pay)

  • Formulae can now include functions like Max or if conditions

  • Where companies have multiple PF payheads and they apply based on salary or a particular head value like Basic, the same can now be configured so that the system will apply the relevant PF head automatically.

  • In the offer letter, the system will now have capability to include compensation heads whose value may be different from the actual value, for the purpose of generating better formatted offer letters. For eg - if CTC is 10,00,000 and basic is 35% of CTC, the actual system monthly and annual values of Basic will be 29,167 and 3,50,004 respectively. But for the purpose of offer letter, a tag will be available to include the basic value of Rs. 3,50,000

  • The interface of the CTC calculator has been changed so that the system now does not recalculate on its own with every change. Instead the user can make all desired changes and then press the Calculate button for the recalculation to happen in one go making for a better user experience.


Enhancements in Leave and Attendance 05-January-2021

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Monday, January 05, 2021 | 1 New Feature Added

1.Leave Accrual based on Working Days

Accrual based Leave set up under the category of vacation and diversity leave types in EmployWise can now accrue based on the number of days an employee has worked. Using this new functionality it is possible to set up the number of days of leave that are to accrue based on the specific number of days worked.

It is required to define days worked for the purpose of calculation leave accrual by including or excluding Actual Days Worked, Holidays, Weekly Offs and the various other leave types already set up including Leave Without Pay.

It is also required to define a date in the following leave year until when the leave accrual for the previous year will continue to be re-assessed based on changes in attendance and in leave balances.

This option is expected to be applied to Earned or Privilege Leave and accrual will occur at the end of the leave year.


Enhancements in Compensation & Benefits 05-January-2021

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Monday, January 05, 2021 | 2 New Features Added

1.Compensation View Update

The Employee view for Compensation seen in the Employee profile has been revamped. It now includes 2 views:

  • CTC view, which displays all the CTC components:

    • Gives CTC value and summary values at a single

    • Gives group break-up in terms of Statutory Benefits, Variable Pay, Flexi Pay, One time pay and all other heads as Regular Pay

    • Flexi pay allocation is also displayed. It must be noted here that in case of Annual Group heads, there can be a difference in the Flexi group amounts and the allocated amounts since the group amount is an Annual value and allocated amounts are Financial Year values which may or may not be the same.

  • Monthly salary view:

    • This view’s objective is to give the employee a sense of his/her monthly take home salary, other than taxes

    • The view appears in the Payslip kind of format, with monthly Earning heads and their amounts on the left side and the Monthly Deduction heads and their amounts on the right side.

Please note that an HR user gets two separate tabs - one to view an employee’s compensation, which is the same as the view described above as seen by an employee and one to define or modify an employee’s compensation, which is similar to the older interface which has been updated to provide a more logical view.

Please note that viewing compensation is only possible for users who have been given such rights.


2.Compensation Download

It is now possible to download the current compensation in PDF format by clicking the PDF icon in the compensation view.


Enhancements in Timesheets Module- 14-December-2020

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Monday, December 14, 2020 | 2 New Features Added

Module: Timesheets

1.Timesheet can be modified if it is in pending state.

In the EmployWise Timesheets Module, when an employee submits the Timesheet it goes for  supervisor’s approval. After submitting the timesheet earlier employees were not able to do any modifications. Several customers gave us feedback that in a few scenarios employees may need to modify the Timesheet after it has been submitted. 

Now employees will be able to modify the timesheet after submission while these are pending for supervisor’s approval.

2.  Warning message if timesheet is submitted before weekend date.

In the Employwise Timesheets Module, when an employee submits their timesheet before the weekend a warning message will now be displayed on the screen stating “Are you sure you want to submit the timesheet ? You may not be able to make changes once the timesheet is approved.”

Employees have to choose yes or no option to submit or hold the timesheet until the end of the week. 


Enhancements in Employee Information Portal Module 14-December-2020

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Monday, December 14, 2020 | 3 New Features Added

Module: Employee Information Portal

  1. HR Business Partner 

It is possible to set up HR Business Partners in EmployWise now by allocating HRBP User rights to the employees who are HR Business partners. An HRBP may be configured up for a combination of Companies, Business Units, Functions, Employee Types, Locations or Grades. When configured the employee set up as HBP will automatically be the HRBP for all employees matching the selected parameters.    

  1. Confirmation reminder and escalation mail notifications can now be copied and sent to the HRBP

In the employee confirmation process in EmployWise, there are various mail notifications, reminders and escalations that can be triggered to the specific stakeholders in the occurrence of different events as per the workflow configured. The new enhancement in the application is that the HRBP of the confirming employee can now be copied to the below reminder mail notifications to the ERO/supervisor and the same can be escalated to the HRBP if the action remains pending from either of the above action-taker’s end. The two reminders and escalations to which the HRBP has been introduced are as follows:

  • When confirmation recommendation is pending from ERO/supervisor’s end

  • When confirmation is not completed by the ERO

The mail notification can be accessed by going into Settings-> Policies -> Employee Confirmation -> Notifications and alerts -> Alerts

  1. Birthday and Anniversary alerts can now be sent to the HRBP

The HRBP as mapped with the specific set of employees, can now be reminded about the employee’s birth, work and marriage anniversary alerts through system generated mail notifications. The mail notifications may be configured to be triggered ‘x’ number of days before the event to the HRBP of the employee. The mail notification will include details of the employee such as employee name, code, role, location and so forth.


The mail notification content can be created as per requirement and accessed by navigating to Settings -> Employee Portal -> Anniversary Alerts.


Please get in touch with the EmployWise Support team to have this feature configured for your organization.


Enhancements in Payroll and Taxation Module - 14-December-2020

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Monday, December 14, 2020, | 3 New Features Added

Module: Payroll and Taxation

1. Monthly TDS breakup now available in Tax Computation

On EmployWise, an employee can now view their TDS breakup monthwise. This breakup is available both for the TDS deducted in the previous months as well as the projected TDS deduction for the upcoming months.

To view the same, the employee needs to login to their EmployWise account and click on Tax Computation under the Compensation tab. The employee can view the breakup of TDS deducted for previous months by clicking on the amount reflected adjacent to Tax Already paid header and can also view the breakup of projected TDS to be deducted for the upcoming months by clicking the amount reflected adjacent to Balance Tax Payable header.

2. Professional Tax deduction for Tamil Nadu at the end of six-month slab

In Tamil Nadu, applicable deduction towards Professional Tax is prescribed in a 6-month slab by the respective state authorities. This deduction was done on EmployWise at the beginning of the six-month slabs i.e. in the months of April and October.

This release adds the feature on EmployWise to deduct the amount prescribed in 6-month slab one month before the end of 6-month slab i.e. in the months of August and January. The choice of months have been done as the professional tax needs to be submitted to the state before the end of 6-month periods. Also, for employees who separate in the middle of the 6-month period, the professional tax would be deducted along with the Full and Final settlement.

If you need to configure this feature for your organisation please contact EmployWise Support.

3. Breakup of Arrears in the payslip3. Breakup of Arrears in the payslip

On EmployWise, the employees can now track the calculations pertaining to the arrears being paid/deducted in their salary. This is now visible as a hyperlink on the employee’s payslip. 

To view the same, the employee needs to login to their EmployWise account and click on My Payslip under the Compensation tab. The arrear pay heads would be represented in blue and clicking on it would give the user a popup with the reason for the arrear as well as related information pertaining to the same.

If the Arrear is calculated due to changes in the compensation, the user can track the month in which the new compensation became effective and the old as well as new compensation and the change in employee compensation along with the calculated arrear amounts based on the change.

If the Arrear is calculated due to changes in the paid days, the user can track for which days arrears have been paid or deducted along with the arrear amount.   


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