Adding Locations/Work Locations



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Adding Locations/Work Locations

This section will help you define geographical locations of your organization. EmployWise allows you to categorize your geographical locations into different Location Types. Location Types can be created in hierarchy as shown in the Fig 1 below.

i. Steps for creation Location Type Hierarchy:

1. Click Organizations structures in Settings section and select Locations

    Organization Structures > Locations


2. Click Manage Location Types and then Add Location Type


Enter its name  and select the parent location type from the dropdown. For e.g in order to create hierarchy as per Fig 1 Select ÔÇ£CorporateÔÇØ as   Parent location Type for ÔÇ£RegionalÔÇØ and ÔÇ£RegionalÔÇØ for ÔÇ£PlantÔÇØ.

Note: The first Location type created will not have any parent location type and will be the top of Hierarchy. And you cannot deactivate a location type, it can only be edit.

3. You can add a description about this location type as shown in the screen shot above. Click "Save" and a new Location Type is created with the same name.

Multiple Location Types can be created by repeating the above mentioned steps.

Edit Option:

 After a Location Types is created; you can Edit the same by clicking on Edit option as indicated in the screen shot  below:

ii. Steps for adding Locations/Work Locations:

Once the Location Types are created, you can add your company's geographical Locations. In case some of your employees are working on a different location due to onsite project or any other reason, they can be mapped onto work locations. EmployWise allows you to create different Work Locations in order to handle these cases.

1. Follow the steps of Creating Location Types till step 1, then click  ÔÇ£Add LocationÔÇØ


2. Enter the Location details as shown in the Screen Shot above . You can also make this a Work Location by checking on the check box

3. Click on Save and a new Location with the same is created

Multiple Locations can be created by repeating the above mentioned steps

Edit/Deactivate Option:

You can Edit/Deactivate a particular location by clicking on Edit/Deactivate option as shown in the Screen shot below:


iii. Work Locations

In case the Work Locations are different from the Locations created above, you can create them by clicking Work Locations in Organization structures.

    Organization Structures > Work Locations


Steps for Creating/Edit/Deactivating Work Locations are similar as that of Locations.

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