Creating Functions

Creating Functions

Organizations may have various functions and its sub-functions, this sections help you defining them for your organization.

E.g -Refer to Fig 1

For an organization having :

  • Function - Human Resource
  • Sub Functions- Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement

You will create two “Function Types” with the name- Function and Sub-function in EmployWise.

And then Add:

  • Human Resource as a Function
  • Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement as Sub-functions.

Follow the below mentioned steps to create functions for your organization:

i. Steps for Defining the Function Types:

1. Click Organization Structures in Settings, and Select "Functions"   

    Organization Structures > Functions


2. Click  “Manage Function Types” and then “Add Function type”, a new window opens (refer Screen Shot ) . Enter the name and a description about the same


3. Select the “Parent Function Type” from the dropdown, for e.g in order to create hierarchy as per Fig 1 Select “Function” as Parent Function Type for a Sub Function

A new Function Type is created with the same name, you can edit the same by clicking on the edit button as shown in the screen shot below


Note: The first function type created will not have any parent function type and will be the top of Hierarchy

ii. Steps for adding Functions:

1. Follow the steps of Defining Function Types till step 1, then click “Add Function”. A new window opens, refer to the screen shot

2. Enter the Function Name , Code and Function Head; you can also add a description. Categorize this function into a function type(Function or Sub-Function as per the example in Fig 1) and click “Save”


3. You can Edit/Deactivate the already created function by clicking on the Edit/Deactivate button as shown in the screen shot 4


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