Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and Alerts

This section helps you in setting notifications and alerts for employee separation to the concerned authorities. These employee separation notifications and alerts are sent in the form of of emails.
Steps for Setting Employee Separation Notifications and Alerts:

1. Click Settings at top right hand corner of your screen


2. Click Separation in Settings section and select "Notifications and Alerts"

    Separation > Notifications and Alerts


 3. For Notifications:

     i. Click "Define" and type the Message body and Subject, as shown in the screen shot.





     ii. You can also send a copy of this by clicking "Select". Select to whom to be send and click save.


    iii. Click "Save changes". You can edit the set notification by clicking "Edit".



5. For Alerts:

   i. For each of the conditions you can set reminders and escalations. Click the condition for which you want to add reminders/escalations  


   ii. Click add reminder, and enter the time period and activity for the reminder to be sent. The reminder is sent to the approver, and similar to      notifications it can be defined & a copy of it can be sent to others as well.


   iii. You can add an escalation in a similar way which can be sent to higher authorities by selecting from the dropdown.


   iv. Click "Save changes". You can edit the set notification by clicking "Edit".




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