Late coming Penalty Rule Setup

Late coming Penalty Rule Setup

If as per your leave policy your organization deducts  leave in case an employee comes late to work, you can set this rule using this option. This section helps you in setting/managing late coming penalty rule for employees.

Steps for setting Employees Late coming Penalty:

1. To create Latecoming penalty rule, click Leave & Attendance in Settings section and select “Late coming Penalty

    Leave & Attendance > Latecoming Penalty


2. Select the applicability criterion, that is, the company, BU, Grade for which this penalty rule is applicable. This rule will only be applicable to employees who fall in this applicability criterion


3. Select the “Leave to be applied in case of late coming” checkbox

4. Enter the number of late comings that are allowed to employees in a month. If employee is late even after these set number of days, then penalty rule is applied and leave gets deducted

5. Select “Leave to be applied” from drop-down to entitle if you want half day leave or full day leave to be deducted when employee is late

6.Select “Leave to be applied in following order”, that is, which leave type should be deducted from employee’s account, in order of priority. This means that if employee does not have sufficient balance of the first leave type, then the balance from second leave type gets deducted, and if employee does not have sufficient balance of the second leave type also, then the balance from third leave type gets deducted

7. Enter the “Leave Reason”, that is when leave application is created and leave is deducted automatically, what should be reflected as reason of leave deduction


8. There may be cases when the leave deducted as latecoming penalty is required to be revoked or cancelled. This case may occur when the employee wants to apply leave in place of late coming deduction, or wants to correct his attendance. In such cases, the HR is allowed to revoke the late coming penalty and nullify the leave deduction.

In case you want this functionality, select the “Allow HR to revoke” checkbox.

9. Click “Save” and the latecoming penalty rule for your organization shall get created.

You can EDIT the rule by making changes as per your requirement by following the above steps.

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