Performance Configuration

Performance Configuration

This section helps you configure the performance parameters. Performance is measured on the basis of Goals achieved and the capability of an employee, Employwise helps you in measuring performance on these two parameters. Follow the below mentioned steps for configuring your Performance module.

Steps for configuring PMS:

1. Click Performance in Settings section and select "PMS configuration"

    Performance > PMS Configuration


2. There are 3 level of Goal hierarchy

     i. Perspectives

     ii. KRA

     ii. KPI

You can edit the name and can deactivate the top 2 levels.

3. If you want weightages to be assigned to each KPI select the checkbox

4. Similar to Goals there are 3 level of hierarchy for capabilities. You can change the name and can deactivate the top two levels.

    i. Group

    ii. Sub Group

   iii. Capability Level

5. You can assign wieghtages to the levels as well.

6. Select the Capability rating scale from the dropdown, you can also create a new rating scale by clicking "Define New Capability Rating Scale"

 Rating scale can be discrete or continuous, define it as per your performance policy


7. Click "Save" and your performance configuration is saved.

You can make the changes later to the configured module by following the above steps.


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