Role-Capability Map

Role-Capability Map

Capabilities are mapped on the basis of Roles in Employwise,  this section helps you in mapping the capability levels to a particular Role. So all the employees in that Role will be applicable to these capability levels.

Steps for creating Role-Capability Map:

1. Click Performance in Settings section and select Role-Capability Map

    Performance > Role-Capability Map


2. Click "+Create a New Role-Capability Map", enter the name and define the applicability on the basis of Roles and Grade as shown in the screen shot:


3. To add a Group, click "+Group", List of all Groups added in the Capability Library gets displayed


4. Search and select the Group to be added and click "Save", Group gets added


6. For the above added Group, you can add Sub Group by clicking "+Sub Group". List of all  Sub Groups under that Group that are in the Capability Library gets displayed


Search and select the Sub Group to be added and click "Save", the Sub group gets added


7. To add Capability in each added Sub Group, click "+Add Capability". List of all Capabilities under that Sub Group, added in the Capability Library gets displayed.


Search and select the Capability to be added and Click Save.


8. Enter the weightages to be assigned to each Capability and set the required expected level by clicking "Expected level"


Please note that the total Capability Weightage should be 100. And as you can see when you add wieghtage to a Capability it automatically adds to the Sub Group and Group based on the hierarchy.

9. After assigning  the weightages click "Save" and the Role-Capability map gets saved.


You can EDIT/Deactivate the same by following the above steps for already created Role-Capability Maps

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