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HR Rights

Step 1:On the top left of the home screen switch to HR User option from drop down

HR User can perform following actions in Hiring Module:

How do i create hiring request as an HR User?

How do i assign Hiring Request to Recruitment Executive?

How do i publish a position in EmployWise?

How do i search Databank?

How do i manage Candidate Applications?

Create a Hiring Request

Process of creating a hiring request is same for an employee or Hr user only the difference lies in below points:

  1. HR User can create a hiring request for any role in teh organization irrespective of his/her reporting roles 
  2. Hiring Request created by HR do not go for any approval and directly goes for assignment

1. Under Hiring tab click "Create a Hiring Request"

2.Below page will be displayed to fill all the Hiring details. HR User will get all the dropdown values he has right for:

Assign Hiring Request

After going through all the approvers, HR User can assign the hiring request to the Recruitment Executive based upon the rights given.

1. Under Hiring tab click "Assign Hiring Request"

2. All the hiring requests pending assignment by you will be displayed with status as"Waiting for Assignment" and name of Requester.

3. Click on the item you want to take an action. All the hiring request details will be displayed and you can select the assignee name from drop down provided. click submit. 

Note that Hiring Requests can also be short closed due to some reason by the assigner.

Publish a Position

Once a hiring request gets assigned it can be published by recruitment executive using any of the 4 sources provided. Follw teh steps below:

1. Under Hiring tab click "Publish a position"

2. All the hiring requests pending publishing by you will be displayed with status as "Assigned"..

3. Click on the item you wants to take an action and follow the below steps:

Step 1: Select sources of publishing the position and click Next

Step 2: Create the position notice and you can preview it bu clicking on Preview & Exit button. Once you create teh notice click Next

Following is the preview of above position notice

Step 3: Create the application form to be sent to the Candidates. You can choose fields to be mandatory or not.Click Next

Step 4: Select Stage Owners if not defined during creating Hiring Requests

Search Databank

Once teh position gets published and candidates apply for it, Hr user can view all the applications at one place called Databank.

1. Under Hiring tab click "Search Datababnk"


2. Below page will be displayed. Put filters on fields like Application Source, Search in etc as per your requirement. System will show all the searched fit into your requirements.

Click Search & then click Show Results

It will display all the applications and you view candidate's CV by clicking on Candidate Profile.

Manage Candidate Applications

HR User can directly submit any Candidate's Application in the sytem. It can either for a published position or without any published position

1. Under Hiring tab click "Manage Candidate Applications"



2. Below page will be displayed. Select any of the 2 options:

If you select Against a position it will next ask you to select the position from all the open positions

Below page will be displayed to fill the Candidate's application.Fill all the pages configured int he form.


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