Compensatory Off

Compensatory Leave Off

Compensatory Off is a time off that is granted to a worker as compensation for working overtime. 

In EmployWise, compensatory leave off is taken as  a leave(time off), for working extra on a working day; weekly off and a holiday[This primarily is defined in the leave rules depending on the company policy]. 

How do i apply Compensatory Off in EmployWise?

How do i check Compensatory Offs applied by me in EmployWise?

How do i check all Compensatory Offs applied in organization?

How do i approve Compensatory leave(s)leaves in Employwise?

Request Comp Off

Steps to avail a Compensatory Leave Off includes both crediting & applying the leave:


There are two ways by which the Comp Off Leave gets credited in the Leave Account:

  1.1. Automatically: (This setting is available, it depends on a company policy to enable.) One automatically gets the credit of the working extra.Go to Step 2 directly in this case.

  1.2. Manually

        1.2.a Under Leave tab click on "Request Comp Off"

        1.2.b Fill in the details and this request will go for an approval to your manager. Please note that one will be able to Apply for a Compensatory Off only if he/she has met all criteria to get a credit of Compensatory Off.


Once the Compensatory Off gets credited , Under Leave tab, click on "Create a Leave Request" and select compensatory Off as leave from leave type drop down

View Comp Off Requests

An employee can view all the comp Offs applied by him /her using steps below:

1. Under Leave tab click on "View Comp Off Requests"

Approve Comp off Requests

You can approve the compensatory off requests you are responsible for using steps below:

1. Under Leave tab click on "Approve Comp Off Requests"

2. Click on the item you want to take an action.

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